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So there I was .....


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Standing in the auction crowd and this elderly  FL2 comes through 


i stuck my my hand up and it’s mine, drove it home today - it definitely needs a driveshaft and probably a steering pump... 


apart from that that it goes well, well the 90 is so reliable now I needed a project 😀


shaft will be here tomorrow morning and assuming it no longer feels like driving a massage chair I’ll look at the pump.



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8 minutes ago, landroversforever said:

If you mean the shaft to the rear.... it probably needs a new IRD. 

Wrong vehicle - Fl1 have the dodgy viscous that seizes up, FL2 use a Haldex clutch on the rear diff, so I don't think they suffer the same set of issues as the FL1.

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aha! but this one has its own issues 🙂  the shaft will not come out of the hub, eventually gave in and took the whole lot off and put it in the press - it just bent the hub knuckle casting! so a new casting required, never seen one so stuck. No sign of heat damage but it will not shift.

Anyway its all stripped and new bits will be here next week 🙂



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seems to be a bit of conflicting information out on the 'tinterweb , workshop manual download suggests the drive bolt on the front shaft should be 45Nm + 80 degrees, is there any update or other information contradicting this info?

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