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ERR7143 Crank shaft seal

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Doing the timing belt in a couple of weeks so thought i would change all the seals at the same time and use GENUINE seals as recommended or Corteco!

All was good until i looked up ERR7143 

WOW that's some fancy price for a Genuine seal!?!..... Compared to the other's i would like to think the metal part is actually gold!!!

Now i have to tell the Boss the price of this "Wont cost that much to do honestly!" Job is now "I know i said HONESTLY,  but you forgot to figure in Land Rover's hidden NEW PARTS PRICE HIKE!!!"...... Yeah that should work!?! NOT! :(

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Or, you could not bother changing it. It doesn't do anything except keep dust out of the timing case. Or maybe keep timing case dust out of environment. Point is it doesn't hold any oil back. The one inside it under the timing sprocket is the one that does the work,that plus the O ring are a good idea to change.

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