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300TDi exhaust down pipe shape

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I’m almost there with my engine rebuild and when it came to refitting the down pipe I reached a familiar point. I have great difficulty in getting the exhaust to line up.

I’m fairly sure that at some point the down pipe has been deliberately bent to accommodate an incorrect fitment of the middle pipe. I have sorted this with the correct hanger at the middle, some time ago and I managed to get things lined up some how last time  

If I allow the down pipe to bolt up to the manifold and find its correct position, it is pointing at an angle into the chassis rail at the other end. I have to really stress it to line it up.

Does anyone happen to have a known good down pipe (no cat or flexible connector) off the vehicle and could you take a pic looking along it with the manifold end pointing upwards?

Then I can compare with mine, although how I would straighten it I don’t know. 

Edit: added a pic but it isn't obvious!


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Hi Stephen, I did try that with my MAPP blow lamp but I either didn't heat it for long enough, or it simply won't heat it up enough. Does it work, doing it that way with so much metal? It would be good if it does.

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