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hybrid rear radiator

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Well you just sort of bolt the radiator on the back and connect the pipes to it :huh: just make sure you've got some way of bleeding the highest point(s) and haven't built air-locks into the circuit.

Stainless pipes are nice because they dissipate heat along their length.



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Something to be aware of is if you are planing a go fast truck (road speeds or better) the area behind the cab at speed is in a slight vacumm with limited air flow, if your not road speeds then pretty much anything works lol apart from one I seen that had the hoses the wrong way round on the radiator 

I've done a few road legal trucks with rear rads and too beat this I've done a number of different things,

Two cheap car radiators side by side (so nearly the full width of the rear of the cab) and just a "T" pipe at the top and bottom.... this has been the best I've found, doesn't matter how fast he drives no issues and this was cooling a lexus in a hilux

I did one using an Audi A6 (could have been a different model) fans, these things are increadable, you power them up on the floor and they will fly lol, this was behind a hilux with a 350 chev, it did alright onroad but would struggle if he drove aggressively or loaded it up on long hills 

I've also ducted air to the radiator and this works well enough, but I don't like this as alot of our bush tracks have alot of cut off scrub on the sides and overhanging and the ducts have to stick up or out to catch the air lol 

Another  option I have heard of a guy here who got smart and reversed his fan, don't know how he got on though.... the air behind the cab is in a vortex that curls back along the deck towards the cab, I have an old ute I daily drive and I've been watching this there is a bit of flow about I'd guess about a 1/4 the air flow of the front of the car, problem is it is cycling around so you will end up with the same heated air..... so my latest idea lol that I'm going to try out in a 40 series cruiser with an LS1 is to run a larger than normal radiator in my case a Nissan TD42 Patrol rad with a couple of generic 16" fans drawing towards the cab and I'm going to duct out under the deck and see if I can take advantage of this flow..... will have to wait n see if it works

And just cose I can here is a pic of my winch comp buggy with a rear mount 


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Mine is in a similar position as "De Ranged" but slightly further back and quite tightly packed but even with a Rover V8 and twin oil to water coolers, the second fan of the twin staged fan setup never came on and the first fan came on rarely. It was piped with long lengths of flexible rubber hose down the gearbox tunnel.  I think that the greatly increased water volume from the rear rad and the fact that it was not blocked with mud and the engine block itself had access to very unrestricted cold air which could escape out the side easily made it much cooler than my other v8 with a normal front setup.

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