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  1. Lol well that shows my press is way off 60ton.... I've got some spare pressure gauages there I should put one on and see what pressure it is getting Looks like you have nearly sorted it.... I'm uncertian what the lightweight pannels look like, but I'm assuming your going to cut a window in the raised section.... At the moment it looks like the pressed form is driving the movement in the outer piece, trying to shrink the outer lip causing ripples (your X section backs this up) if so precut your hole in the pressed section with an undersized hole 5-9mm in from each side.... this
  2. Damm this is a cool thread, some very nice work I hate to be the bugger who has the negative comment and I hope I'm wrong..... but I don't think its going to be as simple as pressing that..... Remember my silly little wire racks I went way over the top with, the large special dimple dies in the center.... they were only around 120mm dia and a I think a 7mm depression. It was maxing out my 60 ton press and it didn't form properly and tore/cut the alloy sheet, the steel didn't tear but still didn't form fully.... my press is made around a Chinese bottle jack so its anyones guess what it
  3. I'd be keen to see your dies for this.... alloy is fun stuff to form
  4. Thank you for the comment glad you are able to put them to use lol they were just gathering dust with me.... your always welcome back over to share a beer Got a rough design sorted for the pivot and carrage etc but need dimensions to finish it off.... will sort that when I'm home Was thinking about the storage of things for the new shed, and came up with a redesign of my corner build scales..... so they will fit in a case with there display and cable, yes it is sort of OCD but I grew up in my fathers shed where to find something was a 45min waste of time lol he was all good ask him
  5. Lol I like to learn and develope so on my stuff I tend to push the limits.... and this is for my new shop witch is sort of a dream come true so i want it to be a bit next level I did a job for the neibour a yr ago and it was painfull lol I was slow and struggled and to be honest it was an easy climb..... its amazing how fast you loose that ability
  6. The bottom has several issues... The biggest is the rail system, by having it on roof I can have the rails extend out over the walkway down the middle of the container without effecting my abilty to move down the walkway area, if I have it from below I'm up for something similar to a draw slider system which over time will wear and sag Why wont gravity work on the bearing when its hanging on it from above (you are distracted lol) I think for the amount of load and use. Nylon would be plenty and I happen to have a box of nylon bushes lol No my epiphany wasn't about the design, I've g
  7. I need some inspiration..... I'm away for work, and to entertian myself in my spare time I've been playing with a design for Nut, Bolt and Small goods storage.... to save space I've come up with a bit of an idea Using parts bins (the cheapest I can find in NZ) https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/sca-sca-parts-bin-tray-set-with-rail-8-piece/529292.html?cgid=SCN010510#start=44 I'm going to make a cabinet that is double sided The idea is it will be on a frame attatched to the wall and roof of a container... they will be stored end on (green sheet facing out, 2 possibly 3
  8. Finally got all the beams done for the chassis table, 2 x 2m main beams, 2 x 520mm joiners, one 1040mm joiner (match this by bolting the 520mm joiners together), 2 x 500mm outrigger's and 6 x 250mm outriggers I've still got to machine up collets that will allow some miss-alignment when I bolt the 4 x M16 bolts to lock the parts together, I've also added a pair of M10 bolts top and bottom to make leveling the outriggers and joiners when I assemble it.... with just these parts I can configer to make it 700mm or 1200mm wide (outside to outside) with 2 joining beams (can mount the outri
  9. Turned up to find the bin 1/3rd full.... still a few puddles in the workshop but no where near the flooding I was concerned about..... The landlord was up on the roof ripping out the old rotten gutter, so gave him a hand to replace about 5m.... so now we wait and see if it leaks lol.... no rain till monday Thanks to all this I still haven't finished cleaning up and painting the chassis table bits lol there is still 3 250mm outriggers to go.... hopefully today lol On a plus note with all the moving stuff around in the shed I've had a bit of a clean out..... I'd disposed of a trailer
  10. I've had a couple of issues lol.... First, got the call the alloy was cut... and folded, yay new toys. Get over there to pick em up.... very nice, folds have been done spot on (better than my press would have done) since this is costing me shed time I head around a couple of other places. Back at my workshop and I'm walking in with these alloy covers thinking to myself I might have made these a bit on the small side.... so I walk back outside to check it against the tyres on the cruiser (37"s).... yep its too small! Its not even as wide as the tyre.... bugger what a waste! So how mu
  11. I've learned alot of patience running sites.... lol, when I'm at home in the shed I have limited time so I try and make the most of it Had a resumbly good afternoon yesterday got 5 of the outriggers welded up, should get the rest done tonight, Then tidy them up and paint the next night One bugger tho I can't find any carbides.... everybody is on back order. So I'm not going to finish this before my next contract away .... bugger I know what you mean about using the compound slide to advance the tool along one shoulder of the thread.... I thought it was a qaulity (reduce the a
  12. A wee update.... had a big weekend planned weld up all the bits on the chassis table.... machine up the adjustable legs... finish it off Got one of the main beams all drilled and welded up, setup the jig for welding up the ends on the out riggers and joiners.... get it dialed in with the first one... get half way through the second and noticed the weld pool is bubbling...... bugger go check the regulator and 1/5th of a tank left but no flow lol yep bottle is empty the reg was lieing... and its half an hr after the last shop that has gas, has closed..... no welding this weekend
  13. Just for a future shop project I'm awear of breathing dust in my shop.... silicosis is a big issue with my job.... As you would guess there was alot of dust in my shop from all the grinding.... I was wearing a respirator (prefer this over the cheap dust masks) now anyone who has to wear one for a good portion of the day will agree they are exhusting to use For this reason and the fact that if its a small grind I don't bother with the mask I've been thinking of building a grinding station with a filtered extraction when I get the shed sorted. Idealy I'd like to keep the air in
  14. I did know that thermite was made from iron oxide and aluminum oxide (always wanted to make it) I never thought you could get it mixed well enough just from grinding..... I'm safe anyway as i clean up between jobs and I don't normally grind alloy (can't get alloy grinding disks locally)
  15. Got my scales working..... discovered a slight issue tho lol my display modules don't have the correct inputs, they are from china and the add was badly translated, I read the wording and didn't look at the technical information... they are a sensor display and don't have the correct connections to wire the scale in.... I have ordered some correct units lol... I had a spare couple of displays I was going to use with my wheel scales (when the tension scales arrive) and the scales work on these Did a bit of traveling, but back in the shed so thought I'd attack the chassis table..... when I
  16. been a while so here is some of the stuff I've learned.... if I'm wrong speak up lol this is from my own playing and with some problems lots of reading on the internet lol sometimes that isn't helpfull at all like in the case of PETG bed adhesion problem.... increase bed temp or run no heated bed lol First off mods to the printer..... my goal is to eventually get this thing printing in ABS so ideal temps are are 240-270C for the head 90-100C for the bed and an enclosure temp of 60-70C so I've headed my mods in this direction I've printed a few different mods (filament guides, clips et
  17. I need one of these for cutting auto glass, the little abbrasive disks are about the only way I've found of semi reliably cutting windscreens to match roof chops and the lighter body is better than my electric die grinder for dressing welds in difficult unbrace-able spots..... catch is for the price of the Dremel I can buy 3 Hikoki 5" grinders (with change lol) Speaking of grinders those sanding disks are a great score.... not to many people use them here, I love them they are the best thing you can use for panel work or blending
  18. Water will remove dust issues.... In the past I used to deal with asbestose (sp?) and as part of the safety measures we would wet the material and then spray paint on it too control dust issues My only concern is to do with where the builders mix is sourced from.... here in NZ, sand qaurrys are coastal so will have salts in there mix. I was thinking to get half a ton of crusher dust or from one of the inland qaurrys screen out the bigger material and see how it goes
  19. I like how well he did with bulders miz, I wasn't kidding how expensive media is around here lol check this out, this is 5kg https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/remington-sand-blasting-grit-5kg/p/236920?gclid=CjwKCAjw1K75BRAEEiwAd41h1EId9UybM6bjhQz8GDh_0_-tCk8ADYxX8ED_ThaoKwd_R_43j6gx6hoCPVMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds None of the local supply shops stock media so its special order with nasty freight charges As for drying it in the sun lol not a reliable option, but if its just builders mix thats sweet it can sit out and blow around, if I loose it to the wind its no drama I also like his ide
  20. I've always discounted them due to the cost of the media..... drying the media afterwoods is a real challange around here, I could use the oven but its an expensive way and it brings all the issues of contaminant fumes into the house Last price I seen for Garnnet was $40 for 10kgs.... watching videos on Youtube I'd estimate 40-60 kg's of media to blast a chassis so $160-240 for media and a whole day.... the last chassis I got blasted cost me $350 (I set it up on the rotisserie and took it down) and half a day to drop off and pick up I've found a way I might be able to dry the sand for
  21. Not much to show I've been a bit distracted with custom pannel work and rust repairs Got another organizer done for all my fuses and relays..... changed rolls in the printer, same brand, same colour, but its not the same plastic.... I'd gotten a good handle on the previous couple of rolls by adjusting temps over the recomended (increased bed temp, to stop the corners of the base lifting and 10 degrees more on the extruder head improved layer adhesion without any drop in print qaulity)..... this roll I've gotten corner lifting on every print regardless of what I do (going to fit my glass
  22. I did a little research lol I was curious It was about the time they changed from paper and cork to plastic as the seal, they developed a standard for bottle caps.... with 21 crimps I can remember as a kid (70-80's) getting soda bottles with cork caps.... I think it may have been mid 80's when they changed to the plastic and I'll bet 21 crimps
  23. After one 10hr wasted print there we have it the RivNuts sorted I'm starting to learn a few things about tuning and conditions..... one of these is, I'm getting a bit of humidity in the plastic (reduced qaulity on the detail bits, stringing, the extruder contines to extrude while the head is hot and if you look at these "tails" you can see little "nodules" on the side of the strand.... and this was on a roll that has only been open about 4 days and printing for most of that time! I need to get my dry storage finished, I've got all the bits here, got the temperature controller work
  24. you learn something new every day..... now I'm curious as to why invest all that money in tooling to drop three crimps and wondering if they did the same here
  25. Lol an illusion trust me..... my miss's was laughing about me swearing at the computer... some days I can spend hrs to achieve something simple and still come out wrong lol the organizer above is an example..... I got the first 1/4 printed and did a trail fit of the collets, hmmmm they didn't fit.... so open up the model and discovered that a copy and paste of a sketch had dropped some of its contrants and as I moved things to line up it narrowed the sketch lol But next time I do a copy and paste like that I'll know to check lol
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