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  1. I've just finished setting up all new stuff just for this while the Deutsch stuff is great they are expensive and as a minor inconvience the plugs are shaped I've gone to a GM clone off ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/240-Pcs-12V-Electrical-Terminal-Wire-Connectors-Kits-1-2-3-4-5-6-Pin-Waterproof/223813839718?hash=item341c582b66:g:lE8AAOSw4vpeAsWs If you shop around they are real cheap (think my 3 pin I got 10 of them for $5 delivered), are waterproof and the plugs are flat, (easy to zip tie down) Tools wise mine are all Teng but they arn't the best in qaulity and price... reason why I chose them is nobody onsite uses them and they are hard to get hold of in NZ so none of my mates have em.... I find Teng stuff in someone else box, its mine lol I've got two types of wire stripper the classic version https://nz.element14.com/proskit-industries/22-10810/automatic-wire-stripper/dp/2783638?gclid=CjwKCAjwi_b3BRAGEiwAemPNU8awev7cjg8E8uHVgcdgrQH--gT0qu1-_UVCh1epadE2pGAXA0k66xoCuIUQAvD_BwE&mckv=_dc|pcrid|399474782117|pkw||pmt||slid||product|2783638|pgrid|86460843753|ptaid|pla-336893085348|&CMP=KNC-GOO-SHOPPING-2783638 Which are good for strippng where the ends aren't all cut for a join or for a splice etc and I have a set of these https://nz.element14.com/duratool/d01022/wire-stripper-super-no-5/dp/1696726?gclid=CjwKCAjwi_b3BRAGEiwAemPNU4uDpidgb4ea2IEohsASMv9plOvb6-Uh3Phw2bIwAuR8HMTChp2sGRoCVUsQAvD_BwE&mckv=_dc|pcrid|399474782117|pkw||pmt||slid||product|1696726|pgrid|86460843753|ptaid|pla-336893085348|&CMP=KNC-GOO-SHOPPING-1696726 they are great if your doing plugs or such where your stripping off just enough for a crimp fit, and your able to slip the end of the wire into the stripper (shop around there are alot of cheaper versions of both) Crimpers, for yrs all I've used is one of these https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/electrical-tools-accessories/crimping-tool-with-an-80-piece-connector-kit?gclid=CjwKCAjwi_b3BRAGEiwAemPNU6pLF7lWyiAQrlksJ-4CTDsMBulD5SvxvnUPOX7EU2PpwFHSjlq3EhoCflQQAvD_BwE So long as you use em right they work, I even used them on terminal connectors. But I've finally gone and bought a set of ratchet crimpers and they are very nice to use https://www.motoquipe.co.nz/buy/teng-tools-4-piece-ratchet-crimping-set-ttcp04/TTCP04TENG?gclid=CjwKCAjwi_b3BRAGEiwAemPNUwLDusFEToPTolnuh6xYtVbOYIbPNRnBsoNtAVdRGQ0BBsLDIZ3hRBoCdpcQAvD_BwE Now catch with ratchet crimpers is some of these are made for giants or at least mutant people with increadably large hands lol I would recomend going and playing before you buy
  2. Not much of an update, I ended up being a relationship guidence counciler for a mate lol so no real help just helped him empty my fridge But I did manage to check out the Mag drill and build a lube tank holder for it The brushes were sparking alot, pulled the cover off the motor and had a look no damage to the stator but there was some fine score marks and the brushes were near new, so I filed a little lead in champher on the brushes and ran it without load...... it reduced it considerably. I'm guessing it may have gotten wet with some grinding slag on there, after a few minutes of running the issue went away I looked at building or buying a tank but I thought of something a bit smarter..... I have these 1L bottles of heavy cutting oil I use, the factory bottle is good so I use it in these.... why not set it up to use these I'll use some slicon pipe just slipped over the tip to seal it to the plastic pipe to the arbour and let the center pin seal turn it off and on, The paint is a funny product I got ages ago (on special lol)..... a heavyily textured paint that sort of bubbles as you spray it..... and its the very politically incorrect colour of "Negro" surprisingly they no longer stock it lol
  3. Lol Yes there is.... the design was about learning Solidworks and I felt the design was cool enough to build so here I am Heres some of the "wine" they will carry lol I'm organizing my workshop, Tidying up every thing and building a few of things I've wanted for a while, like the chassis table..... this is part of the plan for the new workshop Right got a bit of time yesterday so set too on the rest of the stays for these racks Made a simple jig on the welding table so I could weld the washers on.... put the washer on the jig fit the bar through washer into jig, weld as I turn the rod.... next one, then let them cool and do the other end.... let them cool, over to the lathe, mount, spin off half a mm, face washer, champher, remove and mount other end, repeat.... next one, then over to the bench mount in the vice, oil tap down, flip die over and chase thread to washer, clamp other end up in vice and repeat.... next one After a few hrs of work I have these Thats the welding jig welded to the table to the left of them.... That adjustable foot is for another project (when some more parts arrive) a set of wheel scales and I'm working on some other ideas as well...... There probably won't be any updates for a day or two as I'm waiting on a steel delivery to finish these racks and I have some other stuff to sort
  4. NO.... it means I'd have some of that weird fitting stuff and I'd have to go buy it, The thought did cross my mind and it has in the past when I've used this material before and needed to thread it (i have ALOT of it lol) the main reason why I don't is I'll end up mixing up similar sized nuts and bolts so I only stock metric I'll stop off and grab another packet of M6 washers and finish these off today and start the spindles
  5. I was using them all the time is Australia because they are realisticly the only way to cut Bissalloy and Hardox. Had a dry fit inside the beam..... the drill is definitly too big to fit in the beam cross ways but because its able to do the larger cutters, the drill is further from the magnet... (the one I got in Australia is only capable of cutting 35mm and is alot closer to the magnet).... but because of the extra distance it lets me run it at an angle, and fits no proplems.... ordered a pin last night, guessing that will be here mid week then I get to give it a play...... Well I had a better than expected day in the shop yesterday..... got my mates stuff sorted very quickly so got all the holes drilled, formed and dimpled The large raised dimples had to be stretched on a sandbag prior to pressing and most of them needed a bit more stretching and re-pressing with the die to stop them pulling and twisting the panels it mightn't look it but that is a large form...... because I was going hard to get them done (had to be home by a set time lol) there is the odd one that got a bit to much pre stretching with the mallet and when I pressed the dies and not all the mallet marks are pulled out I'm not going to bother planishing them out as I'm going to give them a resumble powder coat.... so I don't think you'll be able to see them when they are coated (Just need to get my powder coating gun over here from Australia lol) I was going so well I got some of the rod "stays" sorted as well... till I ran out of 6mm washers lol I decided to give them a bit of clamping with 6mm washers..... its a little frustrating the rod is from auction win yrs ago and is 1/4".... I'm putting M6 nuts on it so need to take 0.5mm off before I tap.... but its using up some odd material lol
  6. Just packing up to head to the workshop and the posty pulls in (I'm on rural delievery) he doesn't normally work a Saterday but there are that many parcels he's decided to do a run.... and he has my cutting tips Yes..... open them up and No.... lol they have sent out 3mm ISO threading tips lol so half n hr on the phone my tips are being ordered lol going to be up to 10 days wait till I see em lol But I also got a new toy! It's way more than I need it can do 60mm cutters the photo on trademe wasn't very good I sort of took a punt it was what I thought it was..... and its a bit bigger than what I antisipated.... it may not fit sideways inside the beam for the chassis table might require a bit of a redesign Heres a bit of math that prompted my decission to buy this To hire a mag drill for a day is around $200 plus I'd have to buy at least a couple of cutters to do all the holes I want $80 (better off buying three so $120) , assuming I get them done in one day I'm looking at $320 to drill all the holes in the chassis table, if I don't get it back by 5pm then its $520...... this came up on Trademe for $800 and with all the cutter's (and only one of them needs a sharpen lol) it was kind of a no brainer..... only catch is there is no lube tank or hose but I do have the lube spindle... oh and no center pins but I should be able to sort them easy enough Now off to the shed lol
  7. Finished all the hammer forming ..... unfortunatly I had a bit of an issue the "table catch's" hook at the bottom beat me A 20mm gap just isn't enough room to control and manipulate the metal, because I wasn't able to dirrectionally hit the alloy sheet as I formed it around the hook.... I was having to sweep the pick end of the hammer through the gap. This ment I was pulling on the metal on the end of the hook.... I got a couple formed using wooden bucks but it broke the bucks doing it so I made a steel buck and without that give of the wood this is the result So after a bit of pondering I made the call to remove the hook.... And here we are all 8 of them hammer formed and center punched ready to drill and dimple, I'll also have to drag the Tig back to the shop and weld up a little join where the hook was but that will probably happen when I've got these built as I'm using the tig as a stick welder at home I've got to finish the front strut brace for my mates toy and sort his front drive shaft so that should leave me a couple of hrs this arvo to drill and form these sides.... maybe another photo tomorrow lol
  8. Run into a bit of a hitch.... contacted my Carbide tip supplier to get a set of internal and external Buttress or Acme threading tips problem is they can't supply anything with a large enough thread pitch in a 16mm triangular tip. I've had to call around NZ best I can do is a 3mm pitch Acme.... I was hopeing to get a 4mm or 6TPI.... the 3mm will still hold, I'll just make the nuts a little bit deeper The tips are now coming from Auckland managed to find some in stock... catch is they won't arrive till mid way through next week lol So when I hit a piont on my mates truck where I needed some feedback.... I bit the bullet and started hammer forming the sides of the wire rack pieces ( a job I've been putting off lol I knew it would hurt... I'm sitting here with a sore shoulder and elbow..... and I still have two more sides to form ) I'll get some pics tonight
  9. I use another grinder with a grinding wheel.... put one in the vice (running) and brace guard to guard and grind the fiber glass back, I can undercut the glass a bit this way Now for the safety bit lol I'm pretty certain that powdered fiberglass is real bad if you breath it in.... just out of paranoia I wear my resperator when I do
  10. LRF I had a couple of goes at taking a picture of the harmoninic patern lol my cell phone camera just isn't that good..... maybe in the future when I've been forced into buying a new'er time wasting device lol Been helping out a mate with his project, He's almost finished so I'm trying to get him over the line.... catch is I'm just finding so many things that are wrong with previous work (that he paid for!) anyway its ment that I've sort of put what I'm doing on hold a bit I did finish the machining on the feet for the chassis table, not the fastest job machining out stepped bits of tube out of solid lol. But I'm done and I've used up some more of my stockpile of "its to good to throw out" I discovered that the piece of pin steel was hardened lol.... I still cut it, my tips were going blunt so I kept cutting (its the one on the right sitting up, the tell tail that its hardened is the shinny surface that hasn't been finished... I'm painting these so I'm not bothering with a finish cut, I just slowed down the feed rate on my final cut). I got a couple of blanks out of the Pin that I'm going to use to make some adjusting nuts.... but before I machine them I'm going to heat them up and anneal them, I'll know afterwards when I face them off in the lathe if I'm right about it being a version of 4140 (or similar) Oh got Mildly miffed off after wasting a 3 days waiting for a local contractor.... so I could get into his yard to buy a couple of second hand UB's..... "Oh sorry mate, I forgot.... can we do it tomorrow...." after the third time he wasn't even answering his phone lol.... so I went and bought a brand new one..... "cough, choke" 650kg of beam!
  11. Not in this case I'm getting a sort of wave pattern and its not consistant with the entry of the cut....Done a bit of reading..... Stainless can work harden if your feed rate is too low, my shop saw is a cheap gravity feed (no feed just the weight of the saw) I do have some weights I hang on it, but I don't use them often because the bands are not very deep and it can stretch the blade allowing it to cut off I know that pattern your refering to..... I could be wrong in this lol I haven't spent too many hrs on decent bandsaws, I've found when I got that pattern its worth checking my chip, normally you'll find it is fine with no curl.... I've found increasing band speed will increase size of the chip and you should get a little curl to it.... if the chip has changed colour then slow it down and change your feed rate As I said my bandsaw is a cheapy and has a couple of noval issues I'm going to have to sort at some stage lol The discharge wheel will run the band off if I move the cutting guide too far away from it (cutting something small), the guide rollers don't have any adjustment to close up on the band so I have accuracy issues with some bands that are a little narrower and have room to wander.... it does have variable speed (3 tier V belt drive) catch is its not subtle lol and too adjust it I have to de-mount the motor, been planing on a variable controler to give me a tuneing speed control and throw an idler pulley into the mix so changing gears is quick n easy
  12. Got a wee bit done on this Using up as much of my offcuts and salvage (mainly so I can clean up and reduce the amount in the steel rack lol) The plate was offcuts from a bush gaurding job on a digger, the 38mm stainless shaft is going to be machined into the adjustable screws (if I can hmmm) its an old belt shaft from an orchard machine.... catch is it took ages to cut on the bandsaw and has picked up an interesting pattern from harmonics in the cut.... it might be some form of higher tensile stainless... time will tell. The chunks of round stock (4140 normalised) are left over versions from when I made a PTO pickup for an LT95 box they'll get machined down to make the holder for the screws (Got one in the lathe now) the bit behind is going to be my height adjusting nut (if its machine-able) an old broken digger pin, catch is some are heat treated I was going to get some second hand UB's to make the frame but after getting D'd around repeatedly lol I priced new and it wasn't much more so that should be here soon
  13. I'm running out of jack stands and I'm sick of working around a slopping multi level floor and since I'm cutting the 40 Series chassis in half to get the triangulation I want for the lower links I'm going to build a Chassis Table The whole thing is modular I can bolt on extentions, wider middle joiners or wings to support stuff... I can even do trailers on it The feet are M16 swivel pads in groups of 3 so I better contour to the floor and this give me redundency weight rating, each group will push onto a 38mm thread section so I can adjust and level out, the thread section is located into a 50mm deep reciever that locks the thread section in with 2 grub screws If I need to move it I'll make some mounting pads for casters that will slot into the same grub screw mount The main body is 310 UB 32 Any suggestions pipe up.... I've got about 3 weeks before I start building it
  14. Your going to laugh at this..... I posted up pics of the new hand trolley on my FB and the mate that I'd loaned my old trolley to rung me laughing...... turns out he'd returned it a yr ago and I'd used it to move an engine around...... funny thing is it was in my workshop the other side of my english wheel frame with a motor on it and alot of dust lol I really do need to have a clean up and get rid of ALOT of stuff lol
  15. They've got one more auction yet 😀 You guys might get a laugh from this..... in the picture of the beadroller you can just see a hand trolley behind it, I bought this the day before I went to pick up the gear, I only thought about this late in the day so only just made the shop (Supercheap Auto) when I got the trolley back to my workshop I'm looking at it and realised the blade (bit you pick stuff up on) was bent and the handle had a slight bend as well lol I'd bought the biggest one they had in the shop came with a sticker rating of 300kg so I figured I might just test it.... so I hooked it under the back wheel of my ute LOL Yea na.... ute didn't move but the blade bent... some more (and that was without stepping back to pull on the handle...... this is going to need some work) So I found some repurposed 8x100 and fixed the blade, this is when I discovered the handle is thin wall furniture tube lol so I added some extra support to transition the blade to the handle, then I was looking at the crappy 25x4mm flats that support the axle and didn't like it, so I filled them in as well.... by now its after 11 and I needed to be up at 5 for the drive to Auckland and back to pick up the new toys so I called it done (fingers crossed the handle or the axle don't bend lol) Got the new toys back to the shop, a mate gave me a hand to lift the bead roller off the back of the ute (guess its 80-100kg) time to use the trolley...... I'm leavering back on this looking at the axle flex lol but it takes the weight .... and we get it inside..... and it bounced back! Its not till later I noticed I'd bent the handle further back lol So Added some more bracing and tossed the axle n bearings, made some bearings out of the broken bits of plastic from the failed plastic fairlead lol used an old length of shafting I had in the rack for an axle (doesn't rattle and bang as you wheel it round now) For reference the original Supercheap Auto version Now its going to sit in the shop taking up space...... then a mate is going to want to borrow it... I'll loan it out and since its now out from under my feet forget about it.... in fact forget who I loaned it too..... still can't remember who I loaned the last one too..... LOL all good I've had fun "pimping" my hand trolley
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