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  1. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Thank you..... I have to admit the shade of green was a pleasant surprise lol you never know with yellows and greens what your going to get
  2. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Got some of the engine mounts done This one was alot of fun lol Got the one on Drivers side to do.... its the worst as all the bolts I have to mount to are in one plane
  3. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Motor is sitting about right.... still got to finalize placement depending on if I can turn the intake manifold to face forward going to take a bit of time to strip all the carp off the top of it so I can see The whole truck and chassis will drop when I'm done Here is a shot from the back both of us are going to be sitting on a bit of an angle, and there wont be alot of foot room lol but its do-able Had one casualty transporting and moving the motor around its one of the egr valves so if the computer can play without it then I'll blank it off and run without
  4. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Had a bit of a day on it yesterday not much to show for all the hrs put in but I'm ready to sling the motor in and mount it Made some engine mounts And yes my travel speed was all over the show with these welds lol the welds are non critical and I'd been in the shed for 13hrs and wanted to go home so I cheated (wound up the voltage and wire feed and sprinted lol) I should have left one un-buffed they were a nice blue colour And here's what took so long Finished the rear lower link mounts, added a temp X member and removed the old gearbox one (was bent) then went over the chassis fixing previous dodgy repairs, gouge marks and a couple of cracks that resulted from these so now I'm ready to sling the motor in and mount that
  5. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    yep, still there, its on the list I just needed this done for my mate
  6. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Been thinking and since this is a trials style toy I want the tyres clear of the guards....... has anyone seen a dovetailed series landy lol, the back end with some skins to look similar to a shorty tub deck dovetailed I think would look really cool.... its the front guards I can't seem to get the look right in my head lol anyone seen it done or better yet got pic's surly I'm not the first to consider this.....
  7. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Time for the motor and box to go in so had to clean a bit of the carp that was in the way lol
  8. lol your asking how long a piece of string is...... for me you have some of the issues covered, you also have to consider HP/Torque (force), how different the mounting patterns are (leverage), auto or manual and how harsh and often the extreme loadings are going to be Based off the fact this is a 4wd site I'm guessing harsh usage so I'd look more towards the mild steel option.... if your concerned about weight cut some speed holes in it to reduce weight
  9. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Your both sort of right about the longer length With out going into a huge post on suspension dynamics, I'm guessing you both know about Triarged 4 link calculator..... I had a version that I've put alot of time into, one of the extras I'd added was graphs to show the different values at different travels and the rate of change in these values, I'm demonstrating to a client the reason why the common rules apply (you know, flatish bottom links, top link two third the bottom link etc) So I was adjusting the mounting points to extremes (shortened the top links and lengthened the bottom link by changing its mounting to behind the axle) the rear mounted bottom links was to counter pinion angle due to the now around 1/2 ratio top links and to extend the bottom link length to show my point ....... I had made my point and he understood, but I noticed the AS graph had reversed..... normally it is a linear rise as the suspension drops, this time it dropped as the suspension dropped! Now one of the issues with high AS for offroad is as you are using the AS for acceleration it extends and locks out the suspension so if we are on rough ground we loose traction because the wheels being carried over the bumps not tracking them...... I couldn't get my head around this changed graph the dynamics of it lol right AS is the jacking of the suspension under acceleration yes, so as the suspension pushes up (= and opposite reaction thing) so for the push up there is more down force on the tyres.... more grip ..... in a classic suspension as it extends it changes the link angles and you get more AS generating more down force etc This odd suspension lost AS as it extended, so...... accelerate, we have a high AS so the links push the body up, but as they push the body up they change there angle causing less AS.... do they now drop down? or stop and find a balance where they aren't pushing and locking the suspension out? I really couldn't work it out..... would it cause the back end to bounce (push up and drop down, push up and drop down) or would it extend and go stable So I built it on the old landy and its about to get reused here on this..... it worked on the old landy and I'm hopeing it works on here
  10. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    lol I'm working in Australia at the moment..... Got a bit more done..... started working through my plan to change a few things, this pic shows just how small the chassis is and how far the spring mount was (the one on the Left is cut off but the slaggy piece on the Right is the spring mount) I did a small flex up to check clearance for the extra holes on the Chassis Top Link mounts, this is with the 12" shocks I was planing, I do have a set of 16" procomps sitting there lol.... if I was to drop them in I'd set it up for extra drop.... dunno Might be a little delayed on this one as I need to do some engine work on the 40 series and I've got ALOT of paper work and research to do on a new project.... an airbaged 6 wheel toy hauler custom beaver tail truck with I'm guessing an old BMC truck cab (didn't really want to do it now but the cab kinda landed in my lap and I've always wanted a toy hauler lol)
  11. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Mate its simple its just one small step after another and after ALOT of them you finish..... people get bogged down because they stop looking at the simple little steps and look at the whole and get overwhelmed lol Dragged the sides I made for the landy out of one of the piles so I could get a measure..... a box of cans, a bit of distraction from mates and a little bit of work later I have one chassis rail boxed up and with a little bit of Cardboard Aided Design the brace to run from the inside of the bottom link mount to the top of the new chassis Part of the deal with the box of cans was a fair bit of time just staring at the rear end and the landy side working out a plan..... more than a few things I wanted to do have had a flow on effect..... to the left you can see the original motor gearbox mount that hangs down alot below the truck, I want to bring the motor up and lower the whole truck belly about 450mm. So that means the old landy X member is in the way lol but if this goes the problem is its the support for the springs that are mounted inboard of the bottom links...... too much leverage for a short narrow sheetmetal chassis. So I came up with the idea of cutting them off and mounting them outside of the bottom links where the structure is going to run from the chassis to the box section outrigger of the cab, this gives me an improvement (wider spring setup means more stability) and with the springs no longer there I can modify the top link chassis mounts for more triangulation (wider mounting) and I can run a couple more adjustments for the top links to increase AS........ yes I know this goes against current trends, but this link setup decreases AS as the suspension extends, the opposite of a normal link setup.... On the landy it worked really well even with a high AS and under power the suspension tracked really well so I like the idea of more adjustment just to see how the changes in performance
  12. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Finally back on this..... been working on the 40 series done a custom stainless tank & changed it over to forklift lpg bottles as well as sorting the rear end to straighten it up, Carved out the rear of this thing.... got the rear axle out using a gas axe lol cleaned it up and did a shave and and then decided to change to non steering rear axle so pulled an axle out of my parts store and shaved it and braced it fitted the link tabs off the old landrover axle and fitted up the old landrover links.... I'm at the stage I'm about to fit the part of the landy chassis I saved, its a wee bit of a challange mating the landrover chassis to an old Suzuki LJ70 chassis lol a bit of size difference
  13. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    Gidday Glad my ideas have helped out..... As for me I still have the shed full of toys, but due to work I'm just not getting time to work on them...... I'm now working in Australia on bigger and alot more complicated machinery..... and I'm re-engineering them to work better lol my machine is the one infront of the digger it cuts a 1.2m deep trench and lays 3 x 70mm dia High Voltage cables as well as a fiber and bare earth all bedded in sand and back filled with protective covers and warning tapes I have bought another toy that is cool an old FJ40 and I'm just working at the moment to sort it out so I can leave it down Christchurch with a mate and use it for runs in the South Island.... planing a run down south of Haast a week of serious 4wd'n, there is one track we want to do that will require winching down a 10m cliff face into a river lol if your interested here is the original build thread https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/rotw-gertrude-1975-fj40.61345/ For the books I haven't forgotten either of my projects but just the way things are I don't know when/if I'll be able to get back to them.... I miss my shed lol the whole creative problem solving thing but just at the moment ...
  14. De Ranged

    Canning Stock Route Bicycle Ride

    Boydie your mate is legendary.... a thousand ks a week that is insane, for reference when I was the chairman of the local MTBike club I was ridding near on everywhere so commuting and playing as well as training with a guy who was trying out for a place at the commonwealth games and I only rode 400k's a week and he is twice the age I was when I was doing this Does he have a facebook page or something I'd be keen on following his progress
  15. De Ranged

    kiwi series build

    What would you know Pick a Part have one.... well they have one that has been there for several months lol hoping to find out if it still has its motor tomorrow so I may fix this one yet.... if I do I"ll bif the suspension out of the landy in it Been invited to do a trip down Haast on the westcoast, would be real cool to go do as the land owner might be closing access due to idiots not respecting his farm when they drive through

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