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  1. I've been welding up alloy bits for my bike.... finished the first round of this so decide instead of sitting on the half full bottle of gas I'll use it up and return it to BOC (there rental costs are a bit painfull lol) So I setup to weld the wheel scales 6mm and 10mm alloy.... Doing the outside corners, so I setup for a horizontal weld (I'm pushing the limit of material with my 200amp Tig so not even going to attempt to do this vertical ) wind my poor Tig up to 200amps, do a practice pass all good..... stand on the peddle, Damm this is loud!, I'm holding there heating waiting for the sp
  2. That makes alot more sense lol sometimes the blinders drop down and you miss the obvious.... Now to make a frame to hold this and a couple more..... Haveing to put on wet riding gear to ride into the shop yesterday I had a bit of an idea to do with this air heater lol So I can hang these up by the door..... That will hold the jacket open so I can blow warm air up in there to dry them out Time to go build some alloy bits for my bike, really enjoying riding
  3. Got all the cans done, glued in and painted so put it out to test (I've left the glass off so the heat trapped under this doesn't effect measurement of the can/tubes) I set it up at about the ideal for solar panel light collection (40 degrees off horizontal, for my latitude), I was measuring with an IR thermometer (have some issues with certian surfaces) I took measurements randomly over the day from air temps 26 C to 15 C and sun shine varied from bright and strong to overcast and cloudy I measured the surface temp of the top cans in each tube and some metal blocks I plac
  4. The top is very light I can cut them out easily with a box cutter, I've tried a number of different patterns and knives to cut it.... a hole saw just bites and crumples the can Been thinking how a can has enough structure in its side to take my weight standin on it..... I might be able to build some sort of punch setup that you drop it in and a set of knives. I need to know what shape to build too Had a bit of fun last night coming home from the workshop 231mm of rain yesterday.... when I went to leave the bonnet of the ute went underwater so turned around and parked up at the shed and
  5. Done alot of cleaning, been sorting out all the old motors, gearbox's and mechanical stuff I had stashed away..... almost all of it there is nothing wrong with it... I just can't remember what they are from lol, 4 scrap runs and 2 tip runs The test solar air heater is progressing Carving out the ends of the cans is very tedious.... I'll be able to put it out and test heat output difference between the different methods I've used to hollow the cans out " I'm really hoping there is little difference or that the method that removes the least material from teh cans is the best l
  6. Simple and obvious and yet I never thought of that lol I'll remember when I'm doing lighting
  7. Been a bit distracted.... I got some work, some actual paying work lol.... Bl..dy Covid cr@p But back in the shop and nearly cleared my mates truck.... so started into some of my (long list of) projects lol cutting the bolt collets for the chassis table only 40 more to do lol Finally got a shower enclosure from a builder mate So I can start to build a solar air heater for the shed..... kinda funny I'm building this at the start of summer lol but I've kinda reached critical mass on my storage of adult coke cans I'm going to punch out each end and form them into
  8. Lol well that shows my press is way off 60ton.... I've got some spare pressure gauages there I should put one on and see what pressure it is getting Looks like you have nearly sorted it.... I'm uncertian what the lightweight pannels look like, but I'm assuming your going to cut a window in the raised section.... At the moment it looks like the pressed form is driving the movement in the outer piece, trying to shrink the outer lip causing ripples (your X section backs this up) if so precut your hole in the pressed section with an undersized hole 5-9mm in from each side.... this
  9. Damm this is a cool thread, some very nice work I hate to be the bugger who has the negative comment and I hope I'm wrong..... but I don't think its going to be as simple as pressing that..... Remember my silly little wire racks I went way over the top with, the large special dimple dies in the center.... they were only around 120mm dia and a I think a 7mm depression. It was maxing out my 60 ton press and it didn't form properly and tore/cut the alloy sheet, the steel didn't tear but still didn't form fully.... my press is made around a Chinese bottle jack so its anyones guess what it
  10. I'd be keen to see your dies for this.... alloy is fun stuff to form
  11. Thank you for the comment glad you are able to put them to use lol they were just gathering dust with me.... your always welcome back over to share a beer Got a rough design sorted for the pivot and carrage etc but need dimensions to finish it off.... will sort that when I'm home Was thinking about the storage of things for the new shed, and came up with a redesign of my corner build scales..... so they will fit in a case with there display and cable, yes it is sort of OCD but I grew up in my fathers shed where to find something was a 45min waste of time lol he was all good ask him
  12. Lol I like to learn and develope so on my stuff I tend to push the limits.... and this is for my new shop witch is sort of a dream come true so i want it to be a bit next level I did a job for the neibour a yr ago and it was painfull lol I was slow and struggled and to be honest it was an easy climb..... its amazing how fast you loose that ability
  13. The bottom has several issues... The biggest is the rail system, by having it on roof I can have the rails extend out over the walkway down the middle of the container without effecting my abilty to move down the walkway area, if I have it from below I'm up for something similar to a draw slider system which over time will wear and sag Why wont gravity work on the bearing when its hanging on it from above (you are distracted lol) I think for the amount of load and use. Nylon would be plenty and I happen to have a box of nylon bushes lol No my epiphany wasn't about the design, I've g
  14. I need some inspiration..... I'm away for work, and to entertian myself in my spare time I've been playing with a design for Nut, Bolt and Small goods storage.... to save space I've come up with a bit of an idea Using parts bins (the cheapest I can find in NZ) https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/sca-sca-parts-bin-tray-set-with-rail-8-piece/529292.html?cgid=SCN010510#start=44 I'm going to make a cabinet that is double sided The idea is it will be on a frame attatched to the wall and roof of a container... they will be stored end on (green sheet facing out, 2 possibly 3
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