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  1. Been gathering up supplies so when I finally build the new workshop I'm better setup and organized, at the same time I'm working away so have a bit of time on my hands so I'm designing and building (the smaller things that I can bring home) I decided to throw this up as it may be of interest to some..... now for those that suffer OCD I'm eclectic so I chase an idea till another pops into my head or I get distracted so this thread will be like most of my projects a bit all over the show lol So to get the ball rolling here is a little design project an Automotive wire coil rack, I've got to do a new loom for my 40 series cruiser so I figured why not sort the rolls of wire so ordered a heap of new wire (30m rolls) and here's what I came up with since there isn't anything that really fits the bill on the market Made from a couple of sheet metal hammer forms and I'll have to machine up a new dimple die to make the spindle holder section I designed a hook into one end so I can clip it over the end of the MDF top of the bench and stand it up when I want to do loom work on the bench, stackable with a handle and it will hold 12 30m rolls so I'll need 3 or 4 of them This is how it will sit on the end of the bench
  2. Got a plan to minimize this when I sort the new shop, got a few shop projects I want to sort when I finally get the new shop..... alot better organization and set out
  3. Then you have mates that can find what they want but where they put it back is as random a toss of a coin 😡 i have 3 10mm ratchet spanners in my shop but only one is where it should be lol I've started building a version of this setup at work, but instead of the top/mid boxes I'm putting a close up pin board..... thanks for the inspiration 🍺
  4. A wee bit more Mounted the radiator header tank.... still got to plumb it up to the radiator need to see what BSPT to AN fittings I can get More 1mm sheet metal hammer forms.... having a ball with this over the top stupid stuff lol Heres a better shot this side was a 3 dimensional hammer form, 3 separate dies, oh and I've fitted grommets to the mounts to keep the alloy from rubbing on the steel Hopefully get another night in the shed tonight trying to piece together a drive shaft for the back
  5. I have a number of King Chrome ones and they they are around 10 yrs old, more than half of that commercial use and one of my draws (the odds n sods draw) is jammed full... that full I often have to force and riggle the tools down into it to close, at a guess I'd say 20kg of tools and dies and its been dealing with this for most of its life it does feel a bit loose but it still hasn't let go That said I'm looking at some cheap tool boxes from Total Tools, Chinese made house brand.... but they have a good thick construction ( I can't even get the materials and slides for the same price lol) my plan is to form tool organizers so the draws shouldn't be overloaded and I'll build a new larger peg board for all the common used stuff A little tip.... if you decide to go the same way as me, go have a look at them and measure up the gap for the draw slides and make certain it can take a good quality replacement, I've found some of the cheap stuff has these narrow slides that don't look like they would last and I can't seem to find replacements on the net
  6. Finished the rad mount...... took a bit longer than I thought but I'm happy Now just got to make up the "wing nuts" and track down where my header tank has gone that should have arrived a couple of weeks ago lol
  7. For all my patience bending and welding this I did get a few issues but they are minor enough.... the hammer forming on the bends has left me slightly off square so my clamp frame only fits one way .... not a biggy lol and I got a little weld warpage that pulled the middle of an edge down so I have 3mm dip on one side but the felt seal will deal with that I've had to step it up a notch... turns out my home oven is a bit fancy and bigger than the norm.... I can't fit the plastic clamp in any oven I've got access to at work lol So I've bought a Radiant Patio Heater 2400W and I'm going to have to build a colapseable heating box
  8. Back at the work workshop, stayed late one night and finished the base No pretty welds on this one lol we fix trenching gear here so the lightest welding wire was 1.2mm trying to weld galv sheet metal with that wasn't pretty I had the welder wound down that low it was stuggling to strike and I still played chase the hole.... but shes done the plastics guy has my ABS sheet in but hasn't cut it yet.... been doing a bit more research and I'm going to try it in Polystyrine sheet as well and learned a few tricks to do with deep draw forming (where the opening on the die is less than 75% of the depth ) something I'm going to have a bit of when I get onto making parts containers
  9. Almost got the radiator mount finished lol a couple more hammer forms and a bit of welding.....
  10. The funny bit is I stopped at least twice while I was building the second bracket to make certain I bent it the right way lol yep But got is sorted now And this is them mounted up And a little teaser of hopefully tomorrows finished setup... the bottom mount I'm really enjoying this, sheet metal is wonderful to work with.... there is the whole how do I fold it with what tools I've got.... working out the sequence that makes the best use of the box n pan folder and gives me the least amount of hammer forming lol then when it is formed its impressive how strong a bit of structure makes it and how light you can get it
  11. Lol yep I've been there a few times .... was thinking I might still use the wrong one on the other side of the X brace to bolt the trans tunnel too
  12. Sometimes things just don't go to plan lol.... making brackets to hold the top of the radiator made up hammer form dies etc.... get the first one done, has the fun factor that I'm happy with so hammer out the next one, get it to the last stage adding the captive bolts and had it sitting on the bench next to the original..... lol hmmmm what should be a mirror copy.... isn't Hmmmm kinda copied the first one..... that doesn't work so well given I have to weld them to each side of the roll cage X brace..... oh well there's always tomorrow night lol
  13. Not much happening on this, this trip home but I had to do something lol or its not going ahead so I sorted the rear bump stops They are bump stops from a Lada Niva and cost $7 plus post for new ones lol and are nice n soft with a long travel compared to alot of other factory options The second photo is with the rear axle taking the weight off the jack stands and I still have an inch of travel left on the shocks so my guess is full jounce will be around 3-4 times the sprung weight once the springs are in there so should be safe And yes it is made from old galv pipe lol I'm trying to use up all my offcuts and recycled steel.... I'm working towards when I can move into the new shed..... assuming I can get the council to give me permission to build one lol Right now onto the LS swop into my 40 series Cruiser lol
  14. lol I've considered building something cnc a few times...... catch is I need to finish some vehicles first lol the tool box is something I can do after hrs while I'm away with work I'll give it a play with the plasticine it won't cost me much to find out and its a nice product to work with.... ordered the plastic today 20 sheets of 2mm and 20 sheets of 1.5mm in black and white
  15. Watch that Adam Savage video.... it is way more than I thought you'd be able to form, Cyniic-als suggestion to pre stretch it would give it a lot more uniform thickness, since I'm using an oven to heat with I'd have to do this by hand with gloves at a guess...... from what I've seen online in videos and other threads on this, 1/8th sheet seems to be the limit using a shop vacuum My plan (feel free to speak up if you've done this before lol) is start with 2mm sheet until I get to know and anticipate that thinning out stretch, I'll also get some 1.5mm as well when I get the plastic just incase I can't form the contours I want ..... my plans for the tool boxs are pretty much along the lines of this In fact I'll it is this and a combination of what I can build for those tools that arn't Teng and I'll be using there clip together organisational system Oh and found out last night plasticine might not be the go a melting point of 175F given I need the sheet at 300F to form I don't think this will work lol might try modeling clay
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