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Rear brakes locking up and are starting to pi55 me off a bit now.


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Our freelander has a habit of locking up its rear brakes when not driven for a few days. Most of the time enthusiastic clutch dumping will free them off, but every now and then it decides to be stubborn. Today is one of those days 😒

I've pulled everything apart and the only thing I've found is the adjusters have wound up too much. The state of the drum face, shoes and springs all appear good.

The drums have done approximately 4000 miles since new, same with shoes and one cylinder.

Any suggestions on what to do when putting everything back together this time that will make a difference?

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Handbrake cables and cylinder are pagid from euro car parts.

Drums are allmakes pr2 - allegedly oem quality.

Shoes are mintex.

The retaining pins and clips (SMN000010) aren't looking the best for wear, so i'm going to replace those this time around. Everything else appears fine, just adjusting up way too much by themselves.

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It's a long time since I've looked at FL brakes but on *some* drum setups it's possible to get the shoes and/or springs installed perfectly but the wrong way round, leading to all sorts of issues.

That said, my '98 did stick on occasion but usually a quick reverse + forward broke it free.

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If i'm remembering the layout correctly - I think the leading shoe has an extra piece of metal that links to the handbrake mechanism and the two main springs are different lengths.

I'm reasonably certain that everything is in the right place, but I'll double check everything to make sure.



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Mine does this too. If left much longer than a few days I always try to remember to leave the handbrake off.

Always seems to be at this time of year, so I guess its the damp. We live in a frost pocket.

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Our freelander has been doing the rear brake funny business for quite some time. Usually when the weather is damp.

I've just rebuilt everything with new. The new springs are *MUCH* stronger than the originals have become. There is such a difference between the new and old that I'm wondering if tired springs are a contributory factor. Time will tell...

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