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2.25 diesel priming


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Hi,i am trying  to prime my  engine,first the fillter at the top then the vent screws A+B on the distributor.But im getting nothing comming out of vent A.(see pic)

can any one help?

Thanks Trod


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The manual for the injector pump has the words in the picture below about priming.

The important part is that the stop control lever must be in the Run position (obviously) and the gas pedal must be right down (Diesel Turbo in the 90 / 110 has to be primed and started with the gas pedal up).

The bleed screw you labelled A is on the governor and sometimes doesn't fill up until the engine has been running.

I usually slacken all 4 high pressure pipes at the injectors.

Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 23.33.54.png

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