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Footwell repair

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Hi all, 

I’m about to start repairing my foot wells and have the panels from YRM and some seam sealer. 

my question is, does the seam sealer just get brushed over the seams once everything is welded in place or does it have to go in between the seams as well?



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Good luck with the job. Many people have done it and I'm in that group. There will be loads of pictures and stuff around if you need a help and you could take a look at my posts on the subject in my thread here from page 12:



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Right I guessing your new at welding  not to worried. What I would tell you do do is drill holes in the panel you have ie small  holes for spot welds, you get a 6mm or 8mm  where your going to fix the new panel to the bulkhead , dont think you need to fit the full panel cut it down to fit , also to pull the panel in use tec screws before welding

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