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What Events are you doing in 07?

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Well i'm doing the awdc with Pigster and i can't wait for the start!!!

Go and do the awdc series, it'll only be as hard as you want it to be, it's definitely stepping up the ladder but a good event series to gain more experiance and a great bunch of competitor's to. :)

the MWWCE is a good event, i'd enter that to! it'll be easy'er this year, as it's at the end of May your be able to use road tyre's ;):lol:

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I will shove a special "AT" Section in - Lets call in section 1. - Just for you ........and your road tyres :D

Now, don't let us down will you ?...........you "Do this 1st" for us all :D



DO NOT attempt Section 1 :hysterical: it will be a certain LR "Flytrap" :D

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After doing the Orange Novice challenge in 05 and the clubman in 06 I am not sure what to do in 07 , the awdc looks promising but my wife and bitch

thinks it will be too hard for her. Not sure what to do this year...not worried about winning just good competition with like minded others...Any suggestiions ?

Each year we have had newcomers and novices join in the fun on the AWDC series. As Adrian says, only do what you feel comfortable with and your confidence will grow through each event and through the series.

We always consider the wide range of abilities when we set out the events.

Whatever you choose - have fun :D

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