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MXC5714 where does it go?

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I am at the beginning of a 110 td5 tank conversion on a 110 RC chassis, all is going well with fuel tank parts. List to follow....... (makes mental note to list parts so far) 🙂

However i have four new MXC5714 pad foam isolation washers, and cant find anywhere where they could or should be fitted which is a bit frustrating. The 2x bolt/nut front and rear cradle fixings are tempting places or the front of the tank to stop it rubbing on the axle x member. One place i've decided they shouldn't go is between the tank and the guard in the four corners as this would lift the tank upwards, and the filler neck is already there or there abouts on the rear tub bracket.

Does anyone have any idea?


TIA  Pete

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ESR3808 locking ring

ESR3807 adaptor ring plastic (sits and locks onto tank) to allow above to seat.

WHK100050 Tank

WQB100440 ROW Pickup/Sender

WGQ500020 Rubber sealing gasket for above

WFS100530 110 tank strap (couldn't find) bought from YRM.

WFI100100 tank cradle (needs M10 fittings 2x flanged nuts an 2x hex screws 35mm


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Well the tank is bolted up, and electrical plug on order for the sender, had an accident on ebay and got a set of td5 clocks (speedo/fuel gauge/temp sender) etc with loom plugs. My other question is ...... Is there a setup to mate the TD5 plastic tank hoses to my fuel filler/breather from the 300tdi/2.5NAD. I'm wondering if WLH500070 will be right diameter and long enough? this would avoid all the faff of the plastic filler neck breather and associated brackets etc.  Has anyone done this before?



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Cheers Ralph. Yes it does to some degree, but Kev50 never mentions if he got a part off the shelf to fit, i'm reluctant to fit the td5 platic neck filler setup as it looks carp (quality wise anyway) I'm not sold on the weight of the filler neck hanging off one plastic lug. That and the leaking issues seen on other forums mean i'm more inclined to hold on to my metal filler neck and vented cap arrangement and block the small breather on the tank off. As this looks impossible to get to once the body is back on.

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