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Why’s cable so tight

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Evening chaps, while since Iv been on. Years ago I bought an x eng disc brake for a 90 project which years later is still a very slow burning project. Today I robbed it for my 90 that’s actually on the road. Tonight Iv fitted it but I had a struggle getting the cable to meet. Eventually it’s met but it’s very tight, to the point I can’t even get 1 click on the lever. Iv also fitted a Discovery handbrake lever which might alter the adjustment a little. 

Is it possible I need to install the Disco cable or is there another way of adjusting the caliper?



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Ahh, I tightened up the big bolts too early, that could allow a little movement if I undo them a redo. Also the centre of my caliper dosent have a bolt and stake washer thingy as such. Mines one o the early ones wi just a torque headed bolt through it. I tried loosing it but then again it was all copied up by then

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