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Window and Sunroof Sync


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Having spent the last 12 months getting the car running, curing the water leaks and converting to LPG I think I am just about there with only the cosmetics to spend time on.

When syncing the windows and sunroof today I noticed that the sunroof wouldn't open. I think at some point I may have manually closed it and this may have diengaged the motor. Can anyone give me more insight into this and how to fix it. The motor is certainly working.

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Using the manual override shouldn't make a difference. If you can hear the motor turning, but nothing is happening, you need to look at the linkage. The motor is connected to the mechanism with a cable. This could have detached from the drive cog. Accessible by removing the interior light.

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2 hours ago, elbekko said:

Stick a screwdriver in the manual override and turn it the other way a little until you feel a pop. Should be engaged again then.

And pop it did. Was only a very minor movement was quite surprised. The sunroof is now synced.

Another little niggle sorted thanks. 

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