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Rust treatment recommendations

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There is a little rust on my bulkhead, esp around the hinges and along the top under the windscreen seal. I have given it a good prod with a scraper and screw driver and the metal is sound only one area which i would describe as a little deeper than surface rust. 

What is the best thing to treat the rust with before painting. I have used Kurust in the past with mixed results, but in fairness I didnt really take the time to prepare the sufaces and just slapped it on. Any recommendations?

I will also spray the inside of the bulkhead with waxoil or dinatrol when I put it back together and hopefully slow the rot from the inside. (I should have sprayed it 15 years ago when I changed the bulkhead - but hey ho, hindsight is a great thing)

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I used this 


when treating a TD5 steel rear door recently, seemed to apply nicely and give a smooth finish to pain over. Can't comment on how long it lasts as I have only just done it. On the rust proofing side have a look the the Built Hamber range of product they are very good and easy to apply 

Hope that helps 


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Any of the rust preventative type paints will help stave rust off for a while but ultimately it will keep popping through. The only ong term solution in my opinion is to dress the area back to good metal and fully prep and pai t with a good 2k paint, and or, as well get it galvanised :ph34r: (both solutions rather expensive and time consuming I'm afraid...)

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