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Defender 2003 TD5 washer jets not working...and mystery connectors

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Any help on this would be most appreciated!

Here's what I've done so far -

1. dismantled and cleaned out the one way valve on the hose near the windscreen..

2. removed/cleaned out and replaced the washer reservoir as it was full of gunk....17 years worth.

3. replaced washer jet on windscreen.

Still no joy...I can hear the pump working but no water is coming out!

Also, when i took out the headlamp to get at the reservoir I found 2 mystery mystery connectors floating in there...any ideas what they are? think ones a head lamp motor...



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2 hours ago, gary goodwin said:

Thanks a lot Mo!

The jet washers had worked up until a few months ago, hopefully its just a clean out needed...I've searched the net on how to do that for such small pipes...any tricks? was thinking of connecting my small compressor.

Thanks again!

Any local " go faster " shop will have washer jets and washer tubeing

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Unfortunately there's not a lot of shops where I am at the moment, so here's what Ive done.

1. disconnected the hoses from the non return valves/straight joiner

2. Pumped loads of water through the pipes from the washer reservoir towards the non return junction - clear now!

3. removed washer jet, taped my compressor to the spigot and blew air back towards the non return junction - clear now!

4. taped my compressor to the rear hose at the straight junction, removed rear jet washer and blew that pipe out...clear now!

Put everything back together and now its working great!

Thanks for the help everyone!

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13 minutes ago, Mo Murphy said:

I just disconnected each end and put the airline on the pipes to blow out the snot. Probably better to change the washer jets as clearing them can be problematic.



Ha...did this today with air and water...and it worked! 

I'm still confused about the alarm sounder tho, I can't see where to re-connect it!

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18 hours ago, Mo Murphy said:

IIRC (I dont have a TD5) it would be on top of the Lh chassis rail. Set your alarm off and follow the sound 😉

Assuming of course that a factory item is fitted.


Tiredness got the better of me yesterday, I don't have the BBUS alarm installed and the regular alarm fuse had blown...nice little wild goose chase.

Anyway, all sorted now.

Thanks for the help lads!



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