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Cheap PDA


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I know people are always asking about PDAs to run MemoryMap/Tomtom on so I wanted to share this Acer PDAwith built-in GPS. I know it will not do all that Pugwash was asking about but for less than £100 it looks keenly priced to me. :)


I've got one of those. Bought it xmas 2005 for £200. :unsure:

Can't really fault it at all. GPS works well on Memory Map and the Destinator suplied software. GPS is not so happy working with TomTom though and loses the signal. No bluetooth or wireless, but you can add it in the form of an sd card. Also no compact flash card hole. The unit is not a patch on the quality of my works Ipaq hx4700, but at that price, it is a fantastic bargain. All you need to add is a 1gb SD card, you can then put on a memory map region, and also tomtom.

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i bought a navman pin 570 built in gps etc. from halfrauds £99 not a bad bit of kit for the money
I fancy one of these - have you put Memory Map on it - and if so was it much of a struggle?

Could you let us know how you get on with it please?


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Yup it does have a connection socket, well mine does, but never used it. Looking at it again, it is cheap if you just take the unit, but you really need the car charger, maybe the mount, an SD card and software of some description, then it soon mounts up. but still a good price, plus Acers customer service are faultless. :D

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the navman comes with window mount/car charger/mains charger/pc lead in the box.

waiting to get a 1gig sd card then i will run it with tom tom and memory map. asked around and been told it will run them with no problems. the navman gps software that is loaded as standard isnt to bad for now but not tried it off road as yet

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The Navman PiN 570 works fantastically with Memory Map - it really is an excellent combination. Probably would be with the Acer 9or any other system too, but I've never seen any others). Loading up the Memory map is a doddle via the AutoSync software that is supplied with the NavMan. Navman has a built in antenna, but also a socket for an external one (about £20 from Amazon, or a lot more from Navman IIRC). I had read that the vertical windscreen on A Defender meant you needed an external antenna, and while it probbaly helps, it seems to manage fine most of the time without one.

I (or at least my wife and family) paid about £229 for my Navman last Christmas! :angry: Although that was bound to happen. Navman gives you European street mapping too, although you have to pay to unlock the maps (not on the iCN models though oddly, although these won't run Memory Map).

Who has found an SD-slot bluetooth adapter for the Navman/Acer/... that isn't fiendishly expensive? The only one I found was a Toshiba (I think) for over £100.

Navman UK support are pretty carp "We only do the software sir". Send an e-mail to customer services in NZ/AUS. Much more helpful.

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I know people are always asking about PDAs to run MemoryMap/Tomtom on so <SNIP>

I had one of these for a while (though didn't run sat Nav stuff on it) and was very happy with it. It was well built and worked faultlessly.

The only reason I ditched it was that at the time I had one you could't get a cradle for it which made PC syncing and charging a tad inconveinient. I wacked it on eBay and used the funds towards a Dell Axim which had a cradle.

I remember paying a lot more than a £100 quid for it, so the price quoted above would seem to make it a bargain.

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