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  1. That's smart Western. Not fitted to my 2001 CSW-spec 90. And cheap!
  2. Hurbie, you’ve got some sort of retainer attached to the seat box too. That’s not a bad idea. Moves the seat belt away from the catch.
  3. We all know how your seat belt doesn't retract fully all the time, and sometimes gets caught in the door locking catch. I have "invented" a little gadget that should help stop this. I came up with it myself some time ago, but have since seen it in a car (in China), but I didn't copy it, honestly. It's so simple. It's basically a loop of fabric around the seat belt (the Chinese car actually had one of those plastic runners you see which stop seat belts retracting too far) and a piece of elastic back to the bulkhead, or a suitable attachment point behind the seat. (I simply tied it round the roll over cage upright.) I was going to use Velcro to hold the loop together, but I couldn't find any at home. I had a couple of these buckles lying around so used one on each side. That means it can be undone, but it doesn't need to be. But if you sew the loop together around the seat belt, you have to do it outside in the cold, so I did it indoors and clipped it into place. Cost about 50p for the buckles. I had the elastic and the "ribbon" for the loop lying around. You could do it with one simple loop of elastic. And HERE'S video of it in action, being retracted.
  4. Or just slam it in the door. I had mine like that for years. If you put it nearish to the bottom you won’t notice any new leaks It worked fine.
  5. Why make it thicker at all? It will still be mounted on the chassis, which provides the strength and rigidity. You don’t need the body panels to be stronger. It won’t have been designed to crumple safely, etc., do I can’t seem it being any more than VERY moderately safer in a crash situation. Doesn’t make any sense to me. It may have to be 3x thicker just because they’re building it as a single piece?
  6. As Fiip says, a bit more testing with a bicycle pump and gauge to see if I can activate the actuator with my own compressed air.
  7. The problem was occurring before the tune. I played around with the wastegate again yesterday. It seems very free, even loose, with the actuator arm disconnected I have resisted spraying it with lubricating oil until now because I read on a forum that this is a short term fix, but when it burns on, it leaves a carbon deposit. That seemed logical, but as I was still having symptoms, I “threw caution to the wind” and sprayed it with some Plusgas. That and some more wiggling meant I didn’t have any symptoms today. I also wiggled the actuator a lot more. I think the collective is confirming my thoughts that a boost gauge won’t tell me anything that I can’t feel when the power drops. At least the Nanocom and a bit of googling has taught me what happens when the Td5 overboosts.
  8. Hi TSD. I’ve read that the Discovery Td5 turbo wastegate is electronic, so the ECU could alter that to change engine inputs, but the Defender Td5 is more basic. Just a mechanical input - over 225kPa means that either the wastegate opens, or the engine starts limping.
  9. It looks like the VDO gauges go from 0 (1 I guess in operation) to 3, so 2.25 would swing most of the way across the gauge.
  10. I have a stage 1 Alive tune. I have to say it does make a big difference. All the way to 85. Or, once the limp has kicked in, all the way to 68, at which point it just gives up.
  11. Hmm, I've just realised that I should have twigged that bar and kPa are an easy conversion. Ambient pressure is 1 bar (because 1 bar is one "atmosphere" of pressure.) So if it's reading 100 kPa at tickover (no turbo), then it's a 100:1 ratio. Simples.
  12. Evening all, 2001 Td5. I've had a bit of a problem recently with turbo overboost. The symptoms all pointed to this (coughing and hesitation under high speed/load, and I borrowed a friend's Nanocom to confirm it. The ambient pressure is 100kPa, and when the manifold pressure gets to about 230kPa it throws an error. I've found on the internet that the engine protects itself from overboost by capping the boost to 125 + ambient, at which point the engine will go into limp mode. My experience of limp mode is that power drops what feels like 20% or so, and the Nanocom manifold pressure readings are way below 225kPa - more like 150. Presumably, the only way the Td5 can do this is by cutting fuel, i.e. power, which drops the exhaust gas flow, thus causing the turbo not to spin up so much and dropping manifold pressure. Anyway I've freed up the wastegate, which to be honest wasn't that sticky, so perhaps the actuator might be faulty. The question is, once I give the Nanocom back, is a turbo boost gauge going to give me any useful information, or is it just too vague, or even irrelevant. I suppose I'll see it going up to 2.25 bar/225 kPa (just checked on the internet and the conversion from kPa to bar is REALLY easy at which point I'll feel the cough and lose power, so I don't need a gauge to tell me that. They're relatively cheap (£50 or so for VDO mechanical ones), and by the sounds of it, a bit of a doddle to fit, so I'm tempted anyway, but are they just toys? Got a few codes for low air pressure, etc., which I'm yet to read and sort through, but I'm sure they'll all be air/turbo related. I hadn't actually realised the Td5 had an official limp mode till I started googling today. It's not that "limp". It will still hold 60 un-chipped and 70 chipped. But I ought to try clearing codes next time I go into limp mode to see if I get my power back. What does the hive mind think about turbo boost gauges? Martyn
  13. Looks like a Mitsubishi Shogun in these pictures. Let's hope the mules still disguise the true body shape. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/land-rover-defender-spawn-apos-114000221.html I could be you Tanuki - I bought mine new in Belgium in 2001. I thought I was you, but then I realised you got yours from Namur. I got mine in Brussels (right hand drive). Private buyer, so no VAT savings (paid VAT in the UK, not Belgium), but still saved around £6,000 on UK list price. Only had a 1 year warranty in Belgium. That was pretty much the only difference, except I got a fire extinguisher thrown in - mandatory n Belgium apparently.
  14. Ooh, they sell Lara Croft pimple. I might just spend all of my money on that. 😉
  15. Hi there, I've got a home made cushion which fits on the top of my cubby box. It's looking tatty and ripped now, so I thought I'd re-cover it in techno cloth to match the rest of the interior. I've googled and bing'd but no luck finding any. I guess Exmoor Trim might sell me a bit, but does anyone know of any sources. I have a feeling it's going to be expensive, so I'll probably end up getting a plain grey vinyl or just a tougher cloth, but it would be nice to have a match.
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