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V8 Cooling

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After reading two very good threads from Nige (Hybrid from Hell)




I've done some of what he did and in reverse order....

During a short visit from Western (Ralph) in December we wired my fans with an over-ride switch.

So today, with a man who knows how to cut bodywork, we set about installing side vents a-la-Nige.

In order to get the location looking natural, I traced the vent location from a friends TDi

This was used as a template for both sides of the car. (The wheel arch and rear of the wing used as location points)


The area was clearly marked and the initial cut through made...


Ricky then cut along the straight edges with another gadget (He's got a full workshop of stuff...)


And then using yet another gadget (You can see I'm no expert fabricator..) he cut the corners out..


At this point we had a slightly rough hole in the wing...


So, yet another tool was abused to clean up the hole...


We (Yes I was involved in some of this...) then dabbed some grease on the 5 clip posts on the vent and pushed it against the wing to get drill point locations. The holes were drilled and the grill fitted.


We didn't have suitable clips to attach the grill so silicon sealant was used.

The engine was run up to temperature and when the fans cut in, a nice stream of hot air flowed out of the new wing vents...

Thanks for the idea and guidance Nige.

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Guest diesel_jim

my old 3.9 V8 90 used to get quite hot. i put longer bolts in the 4 "support" screws that fit across the fornt of the bonnet (With the little rubber condom things on the end).

raised the front of the bonnet up by about 1/2", hardly noticible (unless you were an anorak!) but it let a LOT more air in over the engine/rad

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