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netting map pockets

Dark green 90

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Been looking for some pockets for my growing collection of maps,

when the mrs came home from shopping with the pram sporting a new accessory,

apparantly Morrissons are selling these nets as Stroller bags for under a quid

they look sturdy enough for maps ,have elastic at opening and hooks at each corner.

seem a bargain to me.

she,s going back to get herself one!!


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Ok, last time i bring these up as nobody can find them and coach magazine pockets are better anyway

so if you did find them here are some other uses

1. put your maps in

2. put other stuff floating round your cab in

3. put in orange bag and sell for a tenner (fridge freezer idea)

4. put your oranges in

5. put over your head with an orange in your mouth and...... sorry wrong forum! :blush:

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