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V belts to Multi V belt conversion.

SOA 93

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In the pursuit of a bigger alternator for the my 200TDi disco, I've been thinking about converting to multi V/ serpantine type belt for the alternator drive.

I have some pulleys I can modify to give me twin V belts around the water pump, crank and PSA pump if neccesary and and a suitable multi V pulley for the PAS pump and it will all fit. Now I've just been looking in the Haynes 'book of lies' and it looks like Land Rover did this themselves with the 94-98 V8 disco models, I'm assuming they didn't use twin V belts but it looks as though they used a multi V drive off the PAS pump to alternator and V belts every where else.

So is this right? It looks like this model year is the only one, I assume they went serpantine in 95'.

If this is indeed all correct, did it have twin V's driving the PAS or single?

Will the PAS pump pulley fit other Land Rover pumps?

Any one got 94' disco with a multi V alternator?



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94 v8 should (i think) be a full serpentine, just before that poss 92-93 they did a partial v partial serp setup. someone may be able to tell you for definite. sorry its a bit vague, but may point you in the right direction.

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Find a 100amp Marrelli as used on air con fitted 300Tdi, swap the pulley from your existing alternator & bolt it on.

I've read all the posts on alternator upgrades, including yours, however I want the to be able to fit a bigger, 150+A alternator at a later date, also part of rating on your conversion will be associated with the RPM of the alternator, changing the pulley slows the alternator down while you may be getting 100A max I don't think you'll be getting the full benefit of the 100A upgrade, at say tickover where it will be important for me.

There are questions about the V belt being upto 100+A, they can catch fire! One of the reasons for using multi V's is you can use a smaller pulley, if you start putting smaller pulley's with V belts then there is not enough wrap and they slip.

It may be that it was this model year of V8 that went from 80A to 100A alternator hence the need for the conversion to multi V.

No doubt someone will be along to put me straight.

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My Disco's a bit of a hybrid, early 3.9 pre-serpentine so it's got an alternator over the PAS pump (80 amp I think), but It's got a 3.5 water pump so I have fitted another (65 amp) one on the driver's side where the aircon pump would be on a later Disco. The nice thing is it's all Land Rover parts, no fabrication at all. The two alternators are run in parallel onto two batteries in parallel with separate warning lamps (I used the pad wear lamp as it was disconnected on mine) all the doomsayers say it shouldn't work but it does for me! if I do some winching I get two hot alternators so I know they both work :D .

Only did it because I converted from 3.5 to 3.9 and used the bits I had. May be of use to somebody.


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Hi Guys,

I am currently running a Marelli 120 amp unit from a serpentine Disco V8 on my 1992 RRC 3.9 and it runs OK on a single V belt as long as I keep the belt tight.

Its been like that for the last 3-4 years.

I've not encountered any problems as long as the belt is the right size/width so it doesn't run in the bottom of the pulleys.

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