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Rear 295/75/16 AT's rub on steep windy roads. With 2" lift Wh


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On my 89' 90. I changed all of my bushings to comfort poly's. Fitted on Iron man suspension which is claimed 2 be a 2 inch lift. Slapped on new alloys mounted with BFGoodrich 295/75/16 AT. Which fills the wheel well perfectly in terms of dimensional looks on the vehicle. Just looks really great but i cant understand why when going around the windy roads of Jamaica at a good incline it rubs in the back. the supension is very firm. 2 stiff i feel as this car is my daily driver and its brutal on the potholes. Could I have something somewhere not tightened enough. I am not sure but I am at a time when the engine is being overhauled and gear box mounts being changed so if I am gonna make a body lift i will be doing it now. Still contemplating. but still not seeing why it should be rubbing. My lock barely barely rubs "not a big deal at all". SOMEONE HELP ME SOLVE THIS PLEASE WITH OUT THE LIFT. Thank you.

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Do you mean 285/75 or are they really 295/75? Either way, fitting tyres so much wider and larger diameter than standard will make them rub on the plastic spats. You (I had to) need to trim a little off the front and or back of these to make the tyres fit without rubbing. Check where the tyre actually rubs before cutting. Plenty of people in the UK run tyres much bigger than yours with a 2" lift and without any body lift.


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I hear what your saying about its size and trimming the body but something is telling me that it is something more than that i dont think i need to trim anything to solve this problem in the rear. Surely for putting it through the paces when climbing but not for regular driving on the mountain roads.? There are actually 295/75/16 and its on a compomotive landrover replica but wider a little bit of dish 16x8.5.

The car was altered quite differently than seen in the picture, thats an early photo in terms of work.

Rear bounces alot



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Climbing mountain roads will transfer a lot of weight to the rear outside wheel on the sharper bends making it quite likely a 33" tyre on an 8.5" rim will rub the eyebrow. If that's what it is then trimming them is no big issue, just the lower corners front and rear of the tyres.

Edit: OK now I can see the pic that is almost certainly your problem and it will make a racket :)

The tyres on more extreme articulation may rub the upper inner edge of the fender or seat box, look for shiny patches, but if you don't want to cut the tub about this is better avoided (though I just live with it) with longer bump stops than a body lift.

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