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One Leaf Spring


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Morning everyone, my suspension rebuild on my SIII rebuild is starting to come together (i.e. I've done a lot of watching YouTube videos and nodding). One real pain is I don't have one of my leaf springs (i.e. I have 10 of 11) as I sent the third one away to have the tab welded back on and the company went bust and I never had it back. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know if a company that would make just one of the leaves please?


Many thanks, Gordon

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Jones Springs make their own complete multi leaf springs, so have the facilities to make a single leaf, and the necessary fox clips to hold the spring pile together.

Whether they want to take on the job is a matter for discussion between you and them. I suggest you take some pictures before you contact them. Remember to specify the wheelbase of your vehicle, and to say if it is a front or rear spring.


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Jones not only make new but will also refurbish your old ones so definitely worth a try if yours is gone . 

Very helpful company to use for springs and really know what they are doing. 

Failing that , I may have something . Which leaf in which spring ? 88 or 109 ? 


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Thanks very much everyone.


steve b - it's the third one up on the rear leaf springs (11 leaves) but I'm not sure if it's LH or RH (my guess is LH). It has two tabs on it (hence it was sent away for welding as I'd broken the tab prizing it off).


western - thanks - a search reveals it looks like they weren't a "proper" company anyway. No records at companies house or financial papers. No trace of them now sadly.


David - thanks - I'll get in touch with them if steve b isn't able to kindly help.

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