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LT77 ponderings


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My LT77 (a very early jobbie, refurbed about 30K ago) is very fussy about cold days.

Normally it has the sweetest change I have aver experienced in an LT77, but on dry frosty days it balks in 2nd and 3rd for the first mile or two. Then it's fine. Clutch is fine, oil is changed every 10k or when I have done any prolonged wading. The refurb was a complete re-build with the correct bits by clever person. I know LT77's are a tadge on the grumpy side when it's cold or damp but there is no way 2nd is going to play until it's warm...

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odd, when i rebuilt my LT77 it was lovely to use for 450 miles...then it blew up & lost 4th. one day i'll take it apart & find out why. the R380 (cause it was cheap) i replaced it with is carp in comparision, oh for the day the proper box goes back in.

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