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Went to give the 109 a run…


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… it started straight away after cranking the engine with the fuel solenoid disconnected to get some oil pressure first.  Instant start after 3 and a half years of standing - the last time I was able to visit the car was July 2019!

However, I on.y managed to reverse it about 15 yards out of the shed before is went weak, then spluttered and died.  It’d restart, but be lumpy and gutless and die again, getting progressively worse.  I went to the garage and bought a couple of plastic cans and 10l of fresh diesel, but no change.  I think the fuel system has clogged with fungus or diesel bug, hopefully just the filter, but who knows?  I’ll take a few tools and a new filter next time and see how it goes.  Very disappointing, especially after being teased with such an eager start up!

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That was the general plan, though I haven’t looked at specific products.  I have used other Wynns additives and was pleased.  Any idea if that is a available in Halfords?  Thankfully, I made the rear tank access much bigger, so getting the sender and pipes out shouldn’t be too onerous.

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