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D3 Suspension settings

Exmoor Beast

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Is it possible to tweak D3 suspension settings via some software? I modified my old P38s standard ride height and more specifically the offroad height to deal with a particularly nasty rocky ledge I drive occcassionally. The D3 has the proper HD tow hitch which I do need but it does catch in a couple of places I drive even on offroad height.

I know I could put lift rods on it cheaply but don't want to compromise getting my dear old Mum in the passenger seat by raising the access mode.

Bigger AT tyres are going to need to happen before too long, I just need to decide what size and whether to stick with 17" or go for 18". Head says 17 for bigger sidewalls, running an L405 on 22s makes you paranoid about sidewalls 😕


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There are several different ways to do it. But remember the higher you go, generally the less flexy the suspension becomes and the less droop you have.

When a D3 becomes beached, it will automatically raise itself higher than the normal off road height. This is essentially the setting you are wanting to manual activate.

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On 11/24/2022 at 4:27 PM, Exmoor Beast said:

I shall investigate getting my hands on a nanocom doofa 🙂


I have no experience in the nanocom tool, but have an IId tool which is very easy to use (phone interface), and I belive you are able to raise/lower as you need... as well as alot of other great things 🙂 (no connection to IId tool other than happy costumer)



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