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  1. that's interesting I've been looking at various set ups in services, trying to see what is what, but without alarming people too much My colleagues over in the DVSA are having a pogrom aimed at trailers at the moment, so they are all a bit busy for a chat
  2. Some interesting stuff there... I'm still confused though - since when did electrically operated trailer brakes become legal in the UK? How does a Morse cable work? A handbrake works on the rear wheels, not all four - that's not legal...
  3. This has been bugging me for years for exactly what Mr King just said
  4. I might ask one of my colleagues form the DVSA
  5. I probably saw well over forty campers towing cars today. The smallest was a Yaris, so over 750kgs None had any form of plunger arrangement on the tow bar - so possible inertia?
  6. Ok...so... I work on the High Speed Road Network in the UK. Yes, I'm a public servant and yes, I work for Highways England. I can't make comments about that on the internet, but I still have a question about something I see most days, whilst out on the Network in the South West. Especially now, when the Silver Surfers are so proliferate... Campers Towing Cars on an A frame. Now, I'm old. I passed my test in 1983. I hold an HGV licence, although no longer current. Hell I even hold an H licence. I used to teach trailer handling for Land Rover and I'm still a City and Guilds Assessor for Off Tarmac Trailer handling. Yet for the life of me I can't work out the legality of a Camper towing an un-braked vehicle on a an A frame... I was looking at these A frames today (whilst doing some hard shoulder running on the M48 and M49) and I can't see a mechanical brake link and I'm pretty damn sure that electric brakes are still not legal over here... So tell me what I am missing
  7. Gear box piccies Mostly good However reverse is mullered. Cost from "UK Half-pint bits at a huge price' 130 English pounds If we get 100 made up, 50 quid each Ten pence piece for reference
  8. I'm not too keen on a mahoosive intercooler, as I do't want to waste boost pressure. Daan did some very interesting research on his old brown barge, that changed my whole attitude to improving the output on a 200/300 I'm actually very happy with the way the Lovemachine drives. Very little black smoke/wasted fuel, pulls beautifully, revs well, great economy....
  9. Thomas Hamlin and Co, Bridgwater. Been going a while, got a rough idea
  10. I reckon I can get it better my old RRC produced higher figures after a trip to Alisport. But that means bigger intercooler and the one I want is not easy to find - I 'm after the '300tdi auto aircon' version that alisport made. I'm also looking at a manually adjustable boost valve to experiment a bit However there's no rush, what I have works well and has so far proved very reliable Worth noting, those figures are on BP Ultimate. They are slightly lower on BP Standard, slightly lower again on Morrison's and best on Rape Seed Oil
  11. My 200 Disco has a Hamlin's stage 2 head, with matched inlet and outlet ports. the inter-cooler inlet and outlet and inlet manifold have been ported The engine has now done 110,000, with 20 odd k since the top end rebuild. The pump has been tweaked to match the work, but no ring or pin upgrades. It's rolling road figures are 131bhp@4250rpm and 242 ft/lb@1800rpm I'm particularly happy with this and the 35mpg I get at 65-70mph on the motorway, 33mpg around town. Towing sees very little drop, to about 32mpg. I run Shell Rimula 15/40 Non Synthetic, with 5-6k changes. The right oil makes huge differences in a 200
  12. No worries. Interestingly, the engine is the same as the post '71 Invacar Need to find out if the gearbox is the same
  13. Leatherman honour their warranty - even after 23 years I wore out the old pliers on my Supertool, bought in 1995. Rang up, was sent a form via email, filled it in and sent it back with said Super tool - week later Brand Spankers New Super-tool 300 in the post. Gerber are an utter pain to get anything out of
  14. James has been after one for ages, but at auction a tidy one is 15k, so when this one came up in London On Sea, it was a no brainer It's going to be a double cab, road legal, but useful for accessing the farm in the winter.
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