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  1. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/bull-bars/bull-bars This explains it much better than I can
  2. Mainly because the marketing is good. Interesting fact. A tesla needs a charging current of 75amps. Yes 75 Amps. And 4 hours to charge. Most houses in the UK don't have the new legally require 25mm2 feed into the consumer unit. They generally have 10mm2 Most villages (like my own) have 1 number 15kva substation to feed the village Most of the mains supply (11kva) from Sub Main (33kva) is old - town and country Do some maths. It will cost a few million per village to upgrade to allow up to 10 (at most) electric cars to charge, but only after the 11kva and 33kva runs have been brought up to scratch. And what about cities, what will happen there? Upgrade the infrastructure, but how do you charge the vehicle? Plugs in the kerb? # Then cost. I was recently offered a job that came with a Tesla and a charging point fitted to my property, along with a £3,500 'allowance' towards charging costs, as well work mileage charging costs from public sites. Working on having to charge the vehicle 5 nights a week for work, I was well into the red on £3.5k. The Boomtown Rats got it right
  3. "However, since 25 May 2007, it has been an offence for bull bars that have not been approved as compliant with those safety standards to be sold. Approved devices will carry an indelible ‘e’ mark (for example: e1 01 1471)." Uk law is lovely in that it's rarely retrospective. The change in the law was inacted from 25/05/07 Thus, like the Tow bar regs, or the Driving licence regs, pre that specific date is ok
  4. There is a chap down here who will repair 110/90 doors. Replaces the rusty bits with stainless channels that drain. But it's a phaff so he does charge. It's not a long job though and he has the folds down to a pat. We are still talking £50 per hour, plus materials - about an hour and half a door for front doors. He's a good welder, builds replacement Triumph TR chassis.
  5. The heated steering wheel would have sold it to me straight away. I really do love them
  6. All modern and commercail stuff - the last auction was a bun fight
  7. Sadly, in this modern day, few folk know what a bearing scraper is... It brings me joy to see you have two (I only have one)
  8. I'm after the part number and possibly a schematic for the 200series D1 grill mounted spot lights, please
  9. A window into the soul of the engine - interesting
  10. Luckily not. Unipart built them up and you can check the engine numbers against the factory records if you know the right person. Not many were done, simply because LR set the bar so high (low) on the 200tdi before they would approve a rebuild - 2litres of oil per 500 miles for example. So no myth - fact...
  11. The RRS never did work for me - the association with indigenous travelling, caravan owning, dodgy tarmac laying folk, is just to much. However the L332 is a special vehicle. I drove a pre-production LHD 4.4 at the LRE SW. I used the same car as a wedding vehicle and on my honeymoon. I love them. The Supercharged is glorious, although appalling off tarmac. Theres a really nice one in the Land Rover section of Expedition Overland Forum. The owner has fixed all the bits that didn't work from factory, replaced the air bags with struts - it's really nice. And white
  12. If I had the money I would buy one - even at considerably more than the origional price suggestion. I'm very impressed by the design, like the looks and have heard nothing but priase form those I know who have driven one. BUT I don't have the money and am very unlikely to ever have the money. Nor do I actually need one. My disco has some years left in it - probably more than I have in me.
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