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  1. Land Rover hate him for his honesty, but love him for his honesty. It's such a love/hate relationship. At the moment it's hate. Mitsubishi , on the other hand, loathe him He reminds me a lot of David Bowyer - but a colonial version. David is a wonderful chap and a good friend, but he has this way of not sweetening the facts, something some folks hate. I don't. If the truth hurts learn form the hurt, then don't get hurt again
  2. I stick to the tried and test formula of: Etch primer Marine Primer Agricultural/Industrial gloss pain (thinned down and applied in multiple layers) Morrison's Anchor Wax - this product is amazing - works it's way behind rust then forms a seal. It may be that I have in the past added 10% spent motor oil to this, although I annot condone that practice as its not environmentally friendly. I hot was my chassis off every couple of years, let it dry, then air blast the whole thing, to remove any remaining crud/water; then apply the (w)Anchor Wax in layers over about 4 hours. My vehicle is a daily driver and 27 years old. Original chassis, original sills (mostly) One thing I would say, is that Anchor Wax burns like a candle. You need to weld with an extra body doing fire watch (using the air gun to put the flames out)
  3. https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/29/parents-love-playmobil-video-explains-coronavirus-kids-12473079/ this one has less big words
  4. Without doubt. Possibly even the best they made - but I've had 11 since 1992
  5. Hydraulic puller - professional type. I've broken loads of threaded pullers Here's a trick though. Plumbers freeze spray and gentle warming (not at the same time) and a large ball pein hammer
  6. Today, working from home, stopped me form committing murder. My line manager, not a bad chap in anyway, can get quite OCD when all is not as is it should be, With the whole team working 'from home', things are not normal. Today, he annoyed me so much, if we had been in the same room, I would have beat him to death with my laptop, slowly. So well done 'WFH' To be honest I don't mix well with people. Being forced to become a public servant three years ago, was not on my list of final jobs. Within weeks all was clear as glass as to why all the government departments are in the stinky stuff. Although having worked for The Client for so long, I should have realised what I was getting into.
  7. The ideal engine for the Series would be the WL - this is the engine used in the Mazda B2500 and Ford Ranger Mk1.2 and 3. It uses a simple EDC system in the later engines
  8. I think the later version (post 1980) is direct injection Thing is they are designed for different uses - The HA is a light vehicle engine, whereas the SLDT35 is a truck engine (albeit light trucks up to 10 tonnes), so has real torque; about 300ft/lb in it's best form - at 1200rpm I also believe the HA was tuned for efficiency
  9. Nope, that utter drivel was called 'Driven to extremes' - a series on how not to do Car Vs wild is based on the same drivel rating, with a speshul forces advisor One that's worth watching on You Tube, is anything with Andrew St Pierre White. He's not a man you would want to drink with, but he's very knowledgeable and nice and dry. He's also not Land Rover's best mate. His test of a standard D3 (D4?) up Baboon Pass in Lesotho is brilliant
  10. He's talking about the HA, Arjan, not the SLDT35 The HA in NAD and 3.0 litres; it's 70bhp and 94ft/lbs Turbocharging and waving a magic want can see a tadge over 95bhp and about 130ft/lb - so ideal for the Series...revs well Many, many, many better engines out there - but a fair few worse
  11. Amongst men, yes. John Hopkins have produced some very interesting research about it I work for a (the) Government Company, having meetings is a way to stop things from getting done efficiently and sustainably and is vital to our role in spending the tax so generously donated by UK Citizens
  12. Generally, yes Sensibly, yes Logically, yes Go for a Valeo or Borg and Beck
  13. https://www.screwfix.com/p/elwis-led-rechargeable-task-lamp-15w-240v/8600t I've got one of these. Great as long as you don't look at it. Then you go blind for an ten minutes and fall over stuff
  14. I can see working from home losing it's social unacceptability, the reduction of self employed folk, social distancing becoming the norm (even if it is to avoid the yearly out breaks of COVID - 19). Maybe the reduction in overseas holidays... Hey ho, inshallah
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