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  1. Am I correct in that the MoT actually runs out at Midnight of the expiry date?
  2. I see what you are saying, but legally I can't fit Led designed headlight lamps; and practically I can't (or wouldn't) as it looks carp
  3. Seee your point, but both Bowie and I live on the huge flat areas of Sedgemoor and The Avalon Vale. They are frost pockets. Our frost will be 3-4 degrees harsher than the rest of wessex. Back in 2010 we had minus 16 on three of four occasions. Although it douse warm up slightly quicker
  4. I've done many thousands of night driving miles with my set up. Standard Maestro Lamps, relay feed and ozram nightbreakers. I added spots in the grill with bog standard 65 watt Halogens (OE fitment) to supplement the 'close up beam' .. The 'white light' is excellent for all night driving types. Except snow. Snow is a PITA but not something we get often. I'm impressed by the reliability of the Ozram stuff and it's price. A lot of my night driving is done between 00.00 and 06.00 in bad weather/storms in the winter. I'm usually on the lookout for fallen trees or random vehicles pa
  5. Nothing attached, but yes it's the tree position, two resistor sliding switch
  6. Thank you for your time and effort. Sadly those are 300tdi
  7. Discovery 200Tdi Heater fan control switch, please Ralph
  8. I've still to calibrate my 200/300 injectors, although they are al pop tested fine. I paid about £50 per genuine Bosche 300 nozzle and some extra to get them fitted and pop tested from the supplier As and when I get time I will take them to a local injector specialist to get calibrated. I have 3 sets of spare 200 injectors. I am happy to share those sets as long as I get like for like back - ie unrefurbed I'm also interested in 200 nozzles
  9. Does anyone have a decent diagram of how there are put together? Please
  10. Shame there was only one spot light on the G
  11. I deal with the clean up from hundreds of vehicle fires, working closely with Trumpton. Biggest cause of vehicle fires is a minor electrical fire melting into the brake or clutch fluid reservoir/pipe. This is almost imposible to put out until you completely deny it oxygen....
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