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  1. TD5 poor starting list: Filter Pump Loom MAF and other associated sensors FPR (must be hitting 4 bar minimum) Glow plugs EGR Injectors Head I thinks that's about it, but no doubt I have missed something
  2. Did you run into any issues with the swap? Are you running the 200 turbo?
  3. Rebuild alomst finished - I really don't like those arches, but the new wheels and tyres make it necessary. Next job is the engineers report for the mods, so it can be MoT'd (ITV)
  4. This is the vehicle (in Grey), next to to a three door belonging to the author of Driving over Lemons (white) Was a 2.5 VM, with LT77 and viscous T Box (!), in maroon Now a 200Tdi with R380, LT230 and painted in Raptor. It's just undergone a total rebuild down to bare chassis over the last year
  5. It's a Mantec snorkel for the D1 Camel - so the only difference between 200 and 300 tdi is a the length of the flexi pipe in the wing D2 was only G4, never Camel
  6. It does. There's brit down near Orgiva who does them for people, amongst other things. Loooks really good
  7. An old friend, once told me that the toughest finish for paint, was cheap agricultural enamel, thinned down by 10% with cheap thinners then applied to at least 5 layers. It's what I use to paint diiger buckets, timber winch ground anchors, grab saws, snips and shears and the lower part of the weight box on a 360. The damn stuff is like armour plate
  8. I have a feeling Nylon powder coating is initially attached to the metal, prior to baking, with an electrical current. This seals the powder onto the metal.
  9. The four vents will blow warm air if the far left horizontal control is down - in the up position they blow fresh air. The right hand horizontal control is windscreen (top); foortwell (bottom) and a mix (central) My 200tdi will produce HOT air on speed one after a couple of miles of driving, at around minus 2 external temps. The joy of stripping the dash out completly (a two day job) allows you to flush out the matrix (or fit a bigger one) and replace anything made of rubber, whilst also fitting sound mat
  10. My mate Gareth drove to Aus, through Russia, to Vladivostok; as part of his emigration. I rather fancy driving to Vladivostok, then back to Mongolia and down into China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and back.
  11. If it was me, I'd be having a chat with Arjan - seeing as he is an international frieght specialist
  12. What pressure is your fuel regulator running at?
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