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  1. I found out about it when I worked for LR . I left there 17 years ago... I would try asking Gaydon?
  2. I borrowed a V70 2.4T earlier this week. 200bhp but so gently progressive..lovely car
  3. The return to centre isn't really a steering damper. It's more of costly gimmick
  4. A number of utilities ordered them, so many that Land Rover actually type approved them for Defender, along with 265/75x16. Discovery one is approved for 225/75x16 and 215/85x16. Speshul Vehicles used to have to get IVA for various mods for big orders, so it was cheaper to get the main factory to do stuff like tyres/wheels for stuff like that. Hutchinson (3) bought some 260 D2 commercials off LR; with an internal cage for the roof rack support, rear jump seat and so on. So it got build approval.... Freebie TD4 commercial autos for 02 - same thing
  5. The more I see of it, the more I like. I agree wholeheartedly with Deep. If I had the money, I'd have one. For me, it works.
  6. Worth noting, Terrafirm kit is cheap. Made to low cost in China, big mark up from the wholesaler, big mark up from the retailer. Quality is better than it was, but still averages 1 replacement for every 10 shocks sold.. The springs are very good - although the powder coating is carp. Better to look at OME - as Britpart import them now and have a good deal. The Devotech springs form D4x4 are very good As previously mentioned, the standard OEM is very good - especially the Delphi gas shocks (£16 each). Trimming the flairs works well - keeps your CoG better. I wouldn't bother with the 33/10.50 - I'd go 255/85x16. Similar size and cheaper - also fitted to Factory for some applications so homolgated for the vehicle.
  7. Something we were all taught in the day, on bike or in car. My first 'big' motorcycle - a Kawasaki H2 750, with an H1 500 front end, was drum braked back and front. The modification was done, because the drums were better than the discs. A blatant copy of the Norton Commando front drum, with air flow ducting and drain holes, to dry the drums quickly... Drums work, but only if you drive knowing you haven't got discs
  8. I think it looks like an upgrade of the Iveco/Santana 110 - which I also liked. Loving the Steyr designed drive train; loving the BMW power-train, loving the idea of an electric pto
  9. Why not. It's hard to argue it's not a reborn Defender
  10. Exacerly... Then Discovery, Freelander, Ewoc...RRSport...Even the latest Defendisco 5
  11. I'm fascinated at how land rover now invent markets for their vehicles; and are generally very successful
  12. Fair point. Land Rover really did employ some utter fools back in the day
  13. If you look at the cam bearings available from Bearmach, they are finished
  14. The 'must be line bored' scenario isn't quite true. Turns out they can be done in situ as long as there isn't to much cam wear. As the cam simply doesn't wear.... However it is recommended to us loctite to hold the cam bearing in
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