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  1. OME are the best. TF are fair, but very poor powder coating. Britpart may or may not be any good depending on who the manufacturer was
  2. The lump pulls like a train from tick-over, really smooth and it looks right. A friend has one of the old kits for a 2.25 as well as one of the old turbo kits. He's been building a 2.8 pet for a while
  3. I believe it was an old Shorrocks, from a 2.25 series kit, supplied in the olden times
  4. Can you still get chromed swivels?
  5. Having recently had a drive of a supercharged 200Sdi, I'm rather hoping that's could be one of Nick's secret projects..
  6. My late Disco 200 is 24 spline and roller bearings
  7. Fair point. For me it's worth £50 for the quality, reliability and support from Nick. It's also purple and shiny. I generally avoid shiny on my vehicles, but this is hidden away, so it only becomes a natter of discussion when the bonnet is up. I do also like that the kit is all made up and ready to fit. Nothing has to be dressed, filed, etc and I don't have to find correct bolts. Added to which, Nick has expensive tastes
  8. My local engine re-builder has a crack filling process for alloy heads and blocks that uses a liquid chemical metal and pressure to fill cracks. They developed it for the top fuel engines they build, but found it was also very good for TD5's However those cracks look small enough to simply fill with carbon during use
  9. Interestingly, the pump on my old T5 2.5 il5 was the same as on the 200/300 and it's boost pin was exactly the same profile and dims as the standard 200/300. I was told the Audi version of this lump had a better profile....
  10. The Vitara has been particularly reliable and all the basic service software is ok on a basic Garage reader. I have to take the car into the main dealer to re-set an SRS warning light. I fitted a new sensor, all works fine, but I can't wipe the light with a standard reader, it comes back on after 20 mins....
  11. Suzuki are very protective of their software. I can get the dealer to do the re-set, but that's £140 per hour
  12. I have TPMS sensors on my Vitara. Really good, but you can't swap wheels around or it gets upset
  13. I was chatting to Adrian form 4x4days about this a couple of Sunday's back. We used to MOT check the vehicles on line, at the event. However he had a chat with his brief about the legality of turning up in an non MOT'd vehicle. The brief said that signature of the acceptance form put all liability onto the punter, if an accident was down to lack of MOT, as he/she/they had signed to accept that they had an MOT'd vehicle. The TPL is more for something done by the organisers/marshals when undertaking recovery, setting out a course, allowing the use of a certain are etc. As marshals, if we don't want to attach recovery equipment to a vehicle, because it's a death-trap , we have the right to refuse. Or we can get the punter to attach their kit to their vehicle. If said death-trap launches it's self off a hill and wipes out three vehicles at the bottom, no matter whether it's got an MOT or not, it's the individual drivers responsibility, although they can take a civil action out against the owner of the death-trap. Very few P&P organisers actually get legal advice
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