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  1. Fold the rear seats down in the L322 and you can live in it - sorted
  2. I'm with NFU - on a multi car policy. The Disco is the only modified vehicle out of the three on the policy. It has Cat 3 business use, As does the Mighty Modus. I offer up a list of mods, signed off by a chartered mechanical engineer... They aren't the cheapest, but I like NFU. Nice folk to talk to. Got free RAC recovery this time round - which was very good, when I needed it
  3. I'll try and get some pictures - next time I see him
  4. A friend has a 2.25 with a stage 2 ACR head and a supercharger, it goes well and is relatively economic
  5. I have a kenlowe hotstart. It's the 88degree unit. It's plumbed into the heater return hose as per the instructions The mains lead goes into a pull release socket on the front of the Discovery and it's plugged into a timer and thermostatic switch. If the temperature drops below 5 degrees it switches it on, then the timer comes on at 0650... If I forget to unplug it - it releases itself. To be fair, my disco is warm in a couple of miles or ten minutes fast tick-over on the drive, but this makes ti much easier to de-mist quickly and also warms the engine block
  6. https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/ Based in Andorra, tyres come form Germany - I saved over a third on the next best price
  7. The last ones should have it fitted
  8. Interesting thread I'm working on replacing my D1 jest with headlight washers - for a bigger volume of liquid and a bigger bore (because I think the jest freeze up first), added to which I have a couple of pairs spare in the workshop... However I have noticed on my daily commute, in the Mighty Modus, that the fine spray washer jest don't seem to freeze up - they produce a much finer spray pattern than a 'normal' washer. I use the vastly overpriced and less than efficient pre-mix fluid. Mainly because it's supplied for free at work I tried all sorts of the heating type experiments on my 100" - nothing worked
  9. The preface lift D2 uses the same system as the 200 and 300 D1, so an switch feed live to headlights. So the same thing works as on 200/300 and Pre Td5 Defender. Wire in a relay feed to each headlight so you are running 12v +; then fit modern lamps (Ozram Nightbreaker are good). Do this and you can see where you are going and don't need to fit the later lantern
  10. I think the op meant the other way - replace the plastic with glass
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