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Machining difference in aftermarket hub.

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So I'm swapping out a rear hub, bought an aftermarket one came in a yellow packet of unknown origin. knock the wolf studs out of the old hub, try and fit them into the new one and they just slide straight in and will turn!! Diameter of the splined section on the studs that came out of this new hub are 16.65mm compared to 16.15 mm on the 60mm stud. I rooted around for the studs I knocked out of a previous aftermarket (pretty certain it was bearmach) hub that went on the front and they are 16.1mm. The difference in the machining amazes me .5mm seems huge on such a small diameter, they aren't even trying to get close!

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It's more incredulity. I have received another one in the same yellow packet. I'm just debating whether to open it and knock out a stud or just return it and go elsewhere. I can't believe it's a one off I assume all the tooling will be the same. 

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1 hour ago, Arjan said:

Return to supplier.

You should not make this for you to solve.

^^^ what Arjan said.

Some things are just poorly/inaccurately made. I recently bought some aftermarket metalastic bushes for the leaf springs on my Ifor trailer. The first ones that arrived fell straight through the spring eye. I returned them and bought aftermarket from another supplier and they fitted perfectly.

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For anybody finding this in the future the hubs were Allmakes they seem to machine the hubs and studs to their own measurement cos it certainly isn't the "same spec as genuine" which is what the supplier told me. I acquired a couple of unused raptor 4x4 ones which arrived tonight. Taken one stud out and fitted a long one, fits fine and will take a torque unto 170nm so all good!

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