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lt77 inspection


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hello all , 


just a short question , is it possible to lift the main casing from a lt77 to inspect the synchro rings .


i don't want to rebuild the box , but want to know if the syncho's aren't worn down .

the box i got from a good friend , it used to be in his 110 before a major rebuild with a 300tdi and R380 . so going by his expierience the box worked ok before the rebuild .


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The second gear synchros always wear.  It seems almost unavoidable.  I don’t know if a DIY replacement of them is possible - a full recondition of the box needs quite a few special tools, but someone with a lot more knowledge of the LT77 and R380 than I have might know if that single job can be done with basic tools.

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Ovehaul can be done with fairly basic tools but you will need a puller to remover the collar on the output shaft and some long bits of tube for putting seals in, in all honesty its probably quicker to just fit it and try it, plus if you at the stage where you can check the synchros you may aswell just fit new anyway.

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main concern not to completly opening the box is the use of special pullers to do so .

i'll see if i can just get the casing off to have a look .


i don't look forward at fitting a gearbox just to replace it after the first roadtest ....

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