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ZF gearbox


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I have just blown the transmission on my 4.4 V8 petrol Range Rover L322 2006 Jaguar Engine. I don't know yet if it is the gearbox or the transfer box but am now trying to research the parts that are fitted.

I have plently of both gearboxes and transfer boxes available to me so if I can match to one I have it will be a cheap fix.

Available to me are the following:

Range Rover Sport TDV8 I know this is the same as the L322 TDV8

Range Rover L322 TD6

Range Rover L322 4.4 Petrol 2005 BMW Engine

Can anyone shed light on compatability or is it a case of sourcing a gearbox from a like for like car. I am hopeful all the gearboxes and transfer boxes are the same and just the ECU that needs changing.

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Pretty sure the petrol and diesel version were different, certainly for V8 petrol and TD6 as the TD6 were a problem and the V8 not


Also even if boxes are the same internally I would expect different bell housings

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6 hours ago, Chicken Drumstick said:

The BMW engines use a different transfer box and gearbox to the Jag powered ones, the TDV8 I think is same transfer box, but maybe different spec gearbox.


Is the blown one 6 or 8 speed?


6 speed. not sure yet which it isz but have no drive and makes a racket when towed and reved

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12 hours ago, Chicken Drumstick said:

Knew I had something written down somewhere. This is just a list I compiled, so please don’t hold me to it. 

I believe an L320 RRS would use the same gearbox for a given engine as per the L322. 


Looking at that list, if I'm reading correctly, (I'm dyslexic so help appreciated) 15 and 16 are the same box. So if I use a TDV8 gearbox it should be the same.

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Having manoeuvred the car into the driveway it would appear that park is not locking the transmission in place. I suspect that the gearbox is the likely failure. Over the weekend I hope to get the Gearbox and transfer box removed and hopefully determine where the fault lies. Should also then be able to determine if the bell housings are the same.

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