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Part no. for LT230 / PTO cover gasket - but which leaves PTO oilway open

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Hi folks,

I hope the title makes sense.

I have a Roamerdrive installed on the back of my transfer box (well, I don’t right now, but that’s another story). To install this properly you need the gasket which leaves the oilway open between the TBox and the Roamerdrive unit. The RD instructions say it is FRC5413, and that is certainly a PTO cover gasket - but the part specifications must have changed, presumably as fewer and fewer people actually used the PTO? The correct one would have 9 holes - all the results I get while searching for that part number only have eight.

No big problem, I can order a few of the ‘standard’ ones, and use a suitable hole punch to allow the oilway, but the ones I’ve had recently have been of quite a fibrous paper and quite awkward to cut cleanly even with very sharp blades. So, it would be easier to have some of the correct ones to hand.

Does anyone know if there’s an alternative part number to use for this, instead of FRC5413?



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rtv it i find genuine gaskets leak 9 times out of 10 generally use an instant gasket sealer leving the bolt a little under tight whist the rtv sets up so the last tightening compreeses it without just squishing it out everywhere

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Thanks very much all,

Sorry for slow reply - I’ve been full-on with a mate’s 90 refurb.

It is the one with the hole at 10 o’clock I’m after. FRC5389 ‘looks’ right from the parts book picture, but none of the search results show any pics, and they seem expensive anyway.

I have a set of hole punches, but as I said I think they’d need to be very sharp. But I guess that’s the way to go - certainly cheaper than gaskets at £25-30 a pop.

I tend to use rtv AND a gasket, but that’s a nice idea about not torquing up straight away.

As I say though, thanks a lot. At least I know I wasn’t missing something obvious.


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