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Rover V8 3.5 Sump

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Figured as part of my first oil change I'll also remove the sump, give it a good thorough clean and maybe a quick spray to tidy it up. Receipts say rebuilt 8k miles (5yrs ago) but I feel like a thorough clean would make sense.

I might be being thick but im really struggling to find the right bolts/washers/gasket online and ideally SS? Can anyone advise so I get it right?



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Sump gasket is black goo - there's a specific loctite product for it I think @Hybrid_From_Hell knows the number, or most likely the black sealant sold in most motor factors will be very close.

I would not bother with stainless into aluminium, bolts are 5/16 UNC according to the parts book: https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams/land-rover-defender-engine/v8-petrol-carburetter/sump_53382

The engine just wants any decent quality 20W50, it's a very simple old hector.

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Yeah was more just thinking good to ensure I’m starting life with the engine knowing it’s clean and no nonsense in the sump. Oil looks good looking in the filler cap :) 

also the choice of bolts on this engine is bugging. Endless multiple bolt sizes and washers galore so thinking good to resolve those! My exhaust headers are washers galore! Anything from 1 to 8!

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It would appear they used any bolts they had laying around which worries me mildly about the quality of the rebuild! But I have a 3.5k receipt but I asked company for details but they said they don’t hold that far back. I’m just hoping the tapping noise I have when warm is the manifold gasket leaking. With the setup of bolts with washers I’m hopeful it’s the cause. Noticed it’s arguably louder in the truck than out!

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