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1985 Ignition switch component replacement

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1985 110 2.5NA

I need a bit of help here replacing a component of the ignition switch for my 110. Specifically, how to remove the old component and attach the new one. Can this be done in-place, or do I need to remove the entire assembly and perform this on the bench? (Replacing NRC3908)





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46 minutes ago, Paul C said:

There should be screws to hold it into the housing.  If you can do those in place then OK, but probably easier to remove the whole lock first.

I'll check again, then.  I felt around the barrel and did not feel them.  Hoping to avoid messing with the shear bolts that holds it in place, but may have no choice.

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Should have disassembled before I ordered off the parts fiche.  The switch does not have shear bolts, and is not attached directly to the steering column.

Also, there are no screws to hold in the electrical bits.  It's ex-MOD, if that makes a difference.


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