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Heated Seats wiring

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I have puma factory heated seats in my 90 and both seats stopped working ages ago .. I finally got round to checking if they were getting 12v today.

Both are getting about 11.5 volts (which I guess is just lost through the relays and wiring. 

I’m really ignorant on these - should I be getting continuity through the circuit in the seats ?

The easiest thing (purchase wise) would be to just replace all the pads .. but having never took seats to bits I’m erring on just replacing what’s broken if I can don’t it. 

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The heater wire is resistive wire, so you should get resistance but continuity.  You could fit the Exmoor Trim kit pads to the seats and wire them into the existing feeds, like I did my RRC.  I would recommend only connecting one loop if you get their kit - they have two circuits on each seat for different temperature output.  One loop is comfortable, two gets a bit hot for comfort after a couple of minutes and destroys the glue that holds the layers of fabric together on the seat trim, leaving the top cloth sagely and loose.  That happened to my RR and 109.

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8 hours ago, Anderzander said:

Thanks both - they actually do a repair kit for the OEM seats with the original connectors.


That maybe the way to go .. 🤔.  I need to read up on how the seats come to bits. 

It’s an easy job and will be self apparent once you take the seat base out and fold the backs forward to see their bottom edges.

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