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Shock absorber dimensons


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Ok so further to my suspension questions as i do not have a standard lr shock lying around (damn all that shed cleaning :angry: )

i would like to know the closed length and extened length and or travel of the standard shocks fitted to my 90.

cheers, Will.

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:hysterical: you are all heart Raplh :hysterical:

Seriously I did exactly that in the end as the various makes do vary.

PM or post up what the make and measurements are, I'll then dig out the variants around it

I have them somewhere, a HUGE paperfile of useless info :P "aquired" during and since :blink: my mods


PS will, whereabouts in the country are you....theres a specific reason I ask..........are you surrey / hamp / sussex ?

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Cheers all,

Ralph i would take it off but 1) its about a mile away and i cant get to it <_< ad 2) i'm lazy :rolleyes:

Nige im in leeds so a bit far away i think ;)

although any ideas you may have will be well received,

cheers landrover598 (nice motor btw :D )

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