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265/70/16 on a DII


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G`day all, has anyone fitted a set of 265/70/16s on a bog stock standard SII Disco, I don`t want to touch the suspension or trim anything, just fit em and forget em.

And what about the spare on the rear door, will they clear the rear wiper without any problems.

It is my misses Disco and I don`t want to mod it at all apart from changing the tyres, after a a couple of thousand KMs driving around Oman over the last week with 4 adults in it on some pretty rough dirt roads we had 2 Michilen XPCs fail, so its time to uprate the tyres, I would like to fit a set of 265/70/16 Cooper ATRs (or possibly BFG ATs) to give it a bit more clearance and a bit more agressive tread.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. :)

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My Discovery has 255/70R16 BFG AT's fitted. No rubbing, no problems, and it JUST fits on the spare wheel carrier.

I know of two vehicles that have 265/75R16 fitted, the spare def doesn't fit on the carrier (though somebody - Devon 4x4 I think - do a raised design of carrier that will fit up to 35 inch tyres) and I think they had to do some alterations at the front of the front wheelarch to accommodate these, and I think also raised the suspension a bit though whether that was necessary or just an extra mod I'm not sure.

I don't think 265/70R16 will fit on the carrier as the moulding dimples in mine literally brush the bumper - when I put the spare wheel on the back door I can just sit it on the bumper and it is the right height for the studs, which is very handy :) but you wouldn't get anything bigger on.

It probably depends on the actual size of the Coopers "in the flesh", as I am sure you know, the "same size" tyre can be quite different between different manufacturers! I suspect you will find they rub "a bit" but whether it will be enough to cause bother I don't know.

I would probably stick with 255/70R16 if I were you, I run BFG AT in this size and the new General Grabber AT2 is also available in this size which is probably what I'll get next time around.

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Thanks for that, I think I`ll go for the 255s, as its better to be safe than sorry, and the Disco does`nt really get used offroad, just touring and eating long distance miles in comfort, so the 255s may be better than the 265s for what we use it for.

Thanks again.

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The 255.70R16 are certainly fine in that respect.

I have just taken the Insa Turbo's off my 90 for much the same reason - an inch extra in height doesn't sound much but the difference in "feel" is considerable from the drivers seat. As is the difference in noise :D

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