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DISCO 200/300 vs DEFENDER 200/300

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Dear all,

Only my second topic posted but got a great response to my first post about best method of buying. So it looks like a N/A or TD 90, then do a Tdi conversion. The question i want to ask is the difference between disco 200tdi/300Tdi engines and defender 200's and 300's. Whats the difference and what should i try and source for a conversion. I understand general fitting of 200Tdis are easier than 300's as they use the existing N/A mounts (is it the same for TD's???).

Many thanks


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Hi landybear, no mechanic myself but have been looking into this as I have just bought a 1983 110 2.5 n/a rolling chassis and lots of bits(Best time to do it). I think the n/a and the td use the same mounting points as does the 200 tdi (i think) the 300 tdi would need the engine mountings moved and both the 200 & 300 tdi disco turbos are lower slung than the defender meaning you either have to make a down pipe or buy one from steve parkers. There are other issues with fitting the radiator and intercooler. Lots of posts on this topic and some geat advice.

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All Discovery [except Auto trans 200/300Tdi] have the same 111bhp & 195lb/ft torque figures, Defender 200Tdi has 188lb/ft & 107bhpslightly lower figures, due to the dofferent mounting of the turbo on the Defender version engine, for fitting a 200 or 300 into a older 90/110 see the Tech Archive index under engines. either of these engines will fit into a previously n/a or TD diesel on the existing mounts & connect to the existing gearbox, if you use a 300Tdi/R380 gearbox the engine mounts [chassis part] will have to be moved forward to get the gearbox levers in the right location in the cab, use a Defender R380 as it will have the correct levers attached, the Disco version levers are in a different place & won't fit.

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disco 200 hardest to fit to Def due to low turbo position on engine, check tech forum for my thread in there on how i did it (at the end of Les' post) hardest to do therefore cheapest to get hold of, intercooler piping and exhuast downpipe modification needed. will fit std mounts and LT77

def 200 - easier fit, straight to lt77 or R380 (less a lug) engine mounts same positions etc all parts std LR avaiable etc.

disco 300/def 300 - same to issue with fitting both to a def. engine mounts need to come fwd. will fit either lt77 or R380. viscous may catch steering box as its moved fwd necessitating an electrical fan to be fitted.

disco R380 and LT77 boxes will have different remotes a longer bellhousing and longer drive shaft, find a def gearbox for ease of fitting or use exisiting one.


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