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td5 head gasket failure

Guest MJG

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Have been out most of the day trying to locate a td5 Discovery for my daughters boyfriend. I have tried to talk him around to settling for as late as possible 300tdi but he has is heart set on a td5. Armed with all the info. I have given him and dire warnings about the (expensive) electrickery stuff we went out today.

The best one (or so we thought!!) we found was the first one we saw in a local dealer. It was high miles (108K) on a V but it looked very unmolested, the interior was spot on and the engine ran very sweetly with no crankcase pressure. The oil and water were as they should have been in terms of levels and substance. He was given a tempting PX price for his Clio and had he been able to confirm how much his insurance was going to be I think we may have done a deal today after seeing the rest of the sheds we saw today.

In chatting with the salesman it transpired the td5 was familiar to my daughters boyfriend as he regularly saw it parked up in the next road to him. By co-incidence he later in the day got chatting to a mechanic in his village who also knew the vehicle who immediately alerted him to the fact that he too was familiar with the car as he had not long changed the head gasket on it. This had been the second change the vehicle had needed too and he said this was a common issue with the td5 engine......

We were astonished as it looked mint in all respects ran beautifully and had no sign what so ever of ever having had any major problems. I would appreciate comments folks please as I wasn't aware td5 headgasket failure was a common issue...seemingly it is... can the panel confirm either way.

Many thanks

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MartinL on here the TD5 installer in his F plate 90 had a head gasket go and an untimely demise of the engine followed.

haven't heard of many other to be honest.

try and get one that hasn't been chipped etc a standard or as standard as poss would be the best choice.

we got a low mileage one 8k hopefully it'll last a fair few kks

fair few TD5 discos on http://www.4x4web.co.uk/4sale.html

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Our police force here ran two 01MY Td5 autos one for 120k miles and one for 130k miles no problems with the engines apart from the usual injector harnesses etc and one leaky radiator, they replaced them with two more 04MY Td5 autos which are now up to about 60k miles again the only problems being the injector harness on one.

When the Td5 does develop a mechanical problem they usually seems to be fairly terminal, we had a 90 Td5 on the company fleet which ran well but was hard to start and lost a bit of coolant. It was taken apart for another problem (end sheared off a heater plug and fell into the cylinder causing the engine to make lots of alarming banging noises and then stop) and the block was split from top to bottom inside no.1 cylinder which explained the coolant loss :blink: we've got another one with similar problems but can't find the fault and no way of pressure testing it but I suspect the same disease. I know of a couple of others that have gone pop shortly after apparently fairly innocent problems so I would be wary of buying one with any sort of a known history of problems.

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I've had 2 TD5's now and am looking for another and have not herd of head gasket as being a problem, common or otherwise. Early's suffered the oil in loom problem but thats easy and cheap to fix but otherwise they are pretty bulletproof.

One of my old ones must be on 160+K now and is still going strong.

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I've heard of a few TD5 head gaskets go in private hands - and we had a number go at work, no idea what the issue is though sorry

I've got a few TD5 head gaskets if anyone needs one? :)

The other TD5 problem I see a lot is valves imbedded in the top of the piston, always on number 4 cylinder, again unknown cause

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