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Safe wiring for rear work light

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On my 90 (1995 300Tdi) I'd like to use the purple permanent live feed to power my rear work light (55W, which is switched directly on the lamp housing) but I want to check if:

1) is the power feed fused somewhere and what rating is it?

and, 2) can I simply connect up my light directly with the feed and earth off at a convenient point?

I'm unable to see from any wiring diagrams I have, so any help would be appreciated.

In fact does anyone have, or can point me to, a decent wiring diagram for my model/year?

Many thanks.

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I did this a little while ago. I thought of using the purple live also, but then I'd still need to run a switch to the front of the cab anyway....so it wouldn't have saved me much anyway.

I know nowt about electrickey, so I asked my brother (who knows lots about it....) and this was his advice.....

I ran a soldered ring terminal from the battery (fused 5" from battery) to a switch in the dash. the switch was rated higher than the light, as was the heavy wire I was given. So I have no relay. If I was using a lighter wire/switch I'd use a relay. I ran the earth to the same earth as the rear lights which I know is good as I re earthed most of the landy at christmas. If your thorough, then run an earth to the battery....it avoids faults later.

Don't ask me what rating the wire or switch are...I just used the (rather heavy) gear my Bro gave me to use. if in doubt, use a relay to protect the switch.


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Why would you need a relay when it's fed direct from the battery.....?


Because its possible that the switch used will not handle the load going through it. That said in this case he's using the switch on the lamp anyway so an additional switch is not required.

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Not sure what the kids are like in your neck of the woods but if I had an external switch on my worklight I'd end up with a flat battery every morning.


Why you little....!

I also use my worklight for reversing as I (currently) have no reversing lights fitted, therefore I have the switch on my dash, as it would be a real pain if I had to get out to turn the light on. It might be worth concidering putting in a switch on the dash as well as the one on the lamp in order to give it some versatility.

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