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  1. And what's wrong with your vehicle that makes you 'nervous'....? When my insurance and MOT have run out or i'm running with 4 bald tyres after 8 pints of Scrumpy, I get a bit nervous. But if nothing is broken and it's all legit, then i've got nothing to worry about.
  2. But is it the fault of the organiser or the Billing site itself....? My view is that it is too crowded at Billing, too many campers shoehorned in. Each year there seems to be more static caravans and less places to camp. Are Live promotions going to resolve that...? Will they sell less tickets to keep numbers down or move some of the statics...? And Security, it's a public right of way through the campsite. You can't stop light fingered Tom, Dick and Pikey wandering around admiring your stuff. The security they have on duty is next to useless. Can Live promotions resolve this issue...? 2009 seemed particularly bad for thefts. Me, I'm going to Newark in the hope of a clean toilet and a smaller queue for the shower in the morning. If it's carp i'll know that when I complain about Billing in 2010 at least I will have tried something else.
  3. They must be behind other forces, I'm pretty sure most people have a real time link to the experian/etc databases which show insurance and Mot. Once we've got your name we can even tell you how many points you've got on your licence. The only problem is that it can be out of date - despite it being real time. Even with MOT's now being computerised, it's not uncommon for a car to show it as expired when the owner waves his certificate under your nose. But, back to topic - if you weren't stopped at the time in London I wouldn't worry about it. The Met police wouldnt be chasing you for a driving document offence. They leave that to the Cops in North Wales.
  4. There's a group of ORRPers heading out in the summer. Although I'm curious about this food thing. I was aware it was there but I didn't think it was that well enforced. Do they search vehicles or are they relying on peoples honesty....? If it's the latter then I'm laughing. This is the link of the planning stage if you want some reading, http://www.orrp.com/smf/index.php?topic=29336.0
  5. Just checking to make sure I'm not banned.
  6. It should be a Pay-as-you go type solution like with poor peoples mobile phones. The more posts you have, the more you need to contribute or your account gets frozen. That way, eyeryone is happy.
  7. Why would you need a relay when it's fed direct from the battery.....?
  8. I stuck with the co-pilot on mine and have no problems with it.... The internal ariel also seems pretty good as I have no trouble with dropping the signal unlike my old garmin. If you already use Tom Tom I guess it's what you're used to.
  9. Cow Shed...? I doubt it. I mean, he'd need to protect all the cows eyes from the welding flashes.
  10. I got my account deleted once..... Which I suppose is kinda like being banned.
  11. I've put on a lot of Weight John....
  12. We gave him the URL, but there's a good chance he'll type it out wrongly.
  13. I don't understand where the 'Dishonest appropriation' is.... Sounds more like a civil dispute to me, but hey, i'm normally wrong about stuff like this. And if you don't mind, I'll do the 'Sunshine' name calling.
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