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New TRO on Gatescarth Pass


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The new TRO will limit vehicle wheelbase to 100" and setting off time to 1pm.

SOmething to look out for if you are planning a trip to the lakes. :angry:

Is that 100" min or max? Seems an odd limit to apply, any idea why?


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100" is max to stop longer vehicles using pass as they have to shunt round several of the bends causing erosion problems. The NP rangers are acutely aware of this as they use 110's and a 130 :rolleyes:

To clarify 1pm is latest departure time, IIRC it use to be open until 4pm. They have just changed to 1pm start to make sure that people are off the pass by 4pm.



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100in max wheelbase

Was discussing this with a guy from GLASS just the other day. It's down to amount of trail erosion being caused by LWB vehicles shunting around the very tight hairpins on Gatesgarth. LWB's often get stuck on the hairpins and then require recovering, which is causing even more damage to the track.


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Best advise is to keep out of the LDNP as they have no money for any repairs they are spending all they have on the non existent damage :unsure: caused by the hoards of Bobblies who descend on the area when the sun shines. They are like flies and all congregate around the most popular areas and cause a hell of a lot of damage with their stupid pole things.

As a local I don't go anywhere in the Park area now there are good routes outside the restrictions of the LDNP and YDNP and away from the Bobblies. If you fancy Gatescarth try Breasthigh instead especially after lots of rain cos the Fords good. I know Gatescarth is a classic high level route but we are losing the battle for the National Parks in my opinion due to the muppets in our midst so best keep out and make sure we don't lose the less obvious areas. :)

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No doubt this will force the larger vehicles to use the other lanes more - causing damage to them and incurring more TRO's.

No doubt but some of the other lanes around here, I live in Sedbergh just outside the LDNP but in the YDNP, are just too far for visitors to the Lakes to be bothered with. One of the problems is Commercial use by Off Road Trail Companies using these routes and doing sweet FA about the damage they cause leaving it to the TRF, Glass and Crag boys to clear up the damage. There was a working party on this route earlier this year I believe. It is unfortunate that it is going to be even more restricted but the Lakes have the same problem with 4x4 and Off road bikes as they do with Bobblies, too many people and overuse. Geoof Wilson from LARA/TRF is very active in trying to preserve these routes and should be applauded for what he achieves but we are in the minority of users in the Lakes as we are in the Dales with a very vociforous anti campaign against us.

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