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hydro assist and SVA


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from what i understand:

1. There must be a mechanical steering linkage between the steering wheel and the steered wheels to pass SVA on a normal commercial/ passenger vehicle.

2. You can do away with the mechanical linkage but you have to declare as Agricultural thn you are speed limited.

3. MOT man doesn't give a carp, although safe construction regs might come in to it however no one really knows

if the above are true then how do the big 4 axle dump trucks with 2 front steerable axles end up roadworthy? are both front axles linked to the steering wheel mechanically- if so, how?

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al you're right- i meant full hydro not hydro assist.

Mark you're totally right it's just what i am going to do!

i was idly wondering about 6x6 or 8x8 vehicles- was thinking of a really funky 8x8 with 3 steerable axles- the front 2 steer when you are driving at speed and the very front and very rear only drive when you really need tight turning- ie they drive in opposite directions!

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Some road tankers have a steering rear axle as do some of the latest artic trailer, they lock in the straight ahead position above a certain speed & when unlocked & steering move the opposite way to the normal front steer axles.

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