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Front axle swop

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I've got a 92 defender with a worn front axle. Now I came across a good 2003 Front axle from a defender. Will it fit (ABS wires have to be cut) but is the hockeysticks and everything the same? And will it be stronger? hafshaft wise?? (24 spline maybe??)

thx for the input!

Cheers Bowy

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The radius arms are a different width, so the mounts need modifying.

It will be overall weaker, due to smaller CVs and a a tighter hub bearing spacing.

What do you mean "worn"?? Everything can be fixed easily enough.

OKay , so not an improvement, then I will leave it alone. Mine has worn disks, swivels and a leaking diff. Less work swopping a whole axle then just all these parts...... But now I think I will swop the parts and leave the TD5 one where it is.

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CV joints wont be any weaker, 200tdi still had 32spl inners (RTC3511 finished back in the 90/110 days, well before Defender).

You will gain ventilated discs instead of solid, but lose out on the narrow bearing spacing.

AS Red90 says, radius arms are a different width, but I don't think there's any reason you couldn't use the later arms.

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Are you sure....

The 32 spline CVs came out in 1994 with the 300TDI, AFAIK.

Absolutely, unfortunately. I know Mal Storey had provided some info about the CVs (saw it on Outerlimits), but the bit about the changeover from AEU2522s was wrong. Late Aus spec 110s (or Countys to us) also had 32spl inners on the CVs (RTC6862) and 10spl axles at the diff end. As Trev said above, worst of both worlds really.

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