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Is this quote for real????

Guest MJG

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"This is supposed to be the best 4 x 4 x far!! My partner's Skoda Vrs car has chunkier tyres than my discovery."

Taken from:-


Up until that point I was concerned..........

It sometimes really astounds me how much freedom the average person has in this country to say what the heck they want without any fear of any comeback, or fear of retribution from anybody.......

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So he bought a Disco3 without checking if it had any of the equipment he wanted, how any of it worked, or what could and could not be fitted to it for his purposes? Muppet.

I couldn't agree more

Sound more like people that are people how have been bent over by dealer rather than car trouble

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extracted from the link above ---------I persevered with the beloved Defender for many years but gave up when faced with a drive from Lancashire to Kings Lynn and return, followed the next day by Lancashire to Holyhead in N Wales and return, followed by a three day enforced rest period suffering from many Defender induced ailments.

bluddy wimp :hysterical: should have asked lots of questions before he ordered the D3 :rtfm::rolleyes:

I don't have any problems driving my 110 for loads off miles :i-m_so_happy:

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For crying out loud. :hysterical:

Who (with a brain), goes and spends £25-39k on a car without first taking the sales book home and understanding what is in each model version and the cost of extras etc. Somehow if this story is true, I am surprised he (or she) can actually type that well - maybe somebody did it for them. :o

One thing that did surprise me though was the comment about going to the dealer for when your out of fuel??? My RR TD6 self bled itself when i ran out :blush: (is this true? or did he not read the manual about that either?)

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