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Replacement Disks & Pads


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Hi all can you give me some advice. I have a Defender 90 CSW 1996.I would like to change the front Disks & Pads At present solid Disks a bit scrored.Question? What sort Should I go for, Solid or Vented,and what are a good make of pads to go for. Many Thanks Trevor


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I use drilled and grooved disc and EBC multi purpose pads.

I like them but only really come into their own when towing.

Some people so say that the hols fill with mud which they can and do but mud is softer the steel.

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Any particular reason why you feel you should need to change from solid to vented? The solid disc set-up is fine if all is working well. If the discs are scored, then that in itself is not necessarily a reason to replace them, although deep scoring will present a weak spot on the disc itself, but as the pads will be the same profile as the face of the disc, then braking force will remain the same, as the contact area will be pretty much the same as both faces being smooth. As the others have said, you can convert to vented - but at some considerable cost against just replacing like for like.


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