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Trouble with my flaps


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Refitting the under-screen ventilation flaps with new rubbers I have come across a problem - the rubber seals do not want to attach in any way to the channel, are they supposed to be stuck in with something or have I got the wrong part (EG defender if they're different)?

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they are glued onto bulkhead aperture on series & onto the flap on 90/110 IIRC you must be close now if you are sorting out potential drafts FF :P;) ........mines been on the road 3 yrs after a 3 yr sympathetic historic resto :lol: and my door seals are only half done :blink: 2 heaters tho so its not cold in the winter.

have you got any piccies with the portals ? be good to see some if so


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I use Evo-Stick (or similar luvverly-smelling adhesive) position the seal, close the flap and leave it that way for a couple of days, then use a big pry bar to open the flaps for the first time as the excessive glue you used has welded the damn things closed!


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