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Unusual ABS question


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i think the ABS sensors read off the CVs? so if the CVs are the same for both axles (eg tooth gaps on the cv the same distance apart etc) then thats one confirmation. no doubt with LRs past history of scrimping the electircal bits will also be the same.

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The ABS system on RRC and Disco is differnt.

But i can see no reason why you cant swap RRC and Disco I axles though.Only problem with that sawp would be if you use an early RRC axle on a late Disco or visa versa and there are some differances in radius arms ect.

You will also find that you will have to swap over the calipers as RRC and Disco I are differnt due to theway the differnt brakeing systems operate.Cant see any reason the sensors wont swap over between systems though.

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