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Speed through gears on a 2.5 petrol?

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Easter project finished! (I strayed a little in my estimate of how long it would take).

Head off, valves ground, new engine and gear box mounts, electronic ignition and she's transformed. Miles better and smoother.

Now the silly question, in the years I've owned the old lass I've never had a driver's handbook, and never felt the need for one either. I've always changed up quite early recognizing that this is a 20 year old engine, 40 in third was the absolute limit (and never above 65 in 4th and 5th) but she still seems to want to go. I don't want to push a point so what's the recommended max speed through the gears an a 2.5 petrol 110?


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just drive as you & the 110 feel most comfortable with.

I think she's now more comfortable than I am! Top speed isn't the issue but given the power limits of a 2.5 I'm often in 3rd (or 2nd!) going up hills. It was never an issue before, always fairly clear when a gear change was needed but things have smoothed out so much that I'm worried about over revving, or even going anywhere near the rev limit.

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Mine does 30 in second and 50 in third without any problems (other than a lot of noise), I don't really push beyond that though as the power tails off and its better to change up. It'll do over 80 in 5th down long hills without any trouble, although I don't tend to do that as it wobbles all over the place!

Since fitting a rev counter I've realised how lazy the engine is, most of the time you don't go about 2500rpm so it will go a fair bit further. I think maximum power (ha!) is at 4000, its doing just under 3000 at 70mph in 5th.

Have a look at Marks gear ratio calculator here for a better idea.


Edit: Just realised yours is a 110 so has a lower geared transfer box, knock about 18% off my speeds, or have a look at Marks calculator and put 1.66 in for the high ratio.

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i thought speed through the gears in a 2.5petrol was a non available extra.....

it certainly was in my 2.5 petrol 110! 30 in 2nd sounds about right for my old one. she would do 75 though (noise aside)

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