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  1. I've got the MXS 5 one for the 90 and a smaller one for the motorbike and I'm really pleased with them. I've still had to replace batteries which were old (bike was probably original at 10 years and one of the ones in the 90 was probably 10 too) but they have certainly lasted longer with the chargers on them. Would definitely recommend them. If you're just looking for a trickle charger which will turn itself back on after a power cut could you use one of the CTEK motorbike ones? Probably don't need 5amp charging for that kind of use?
  2. Hi Tony, Not sure if it's the answer you're looking for but page 111 from the manual here: http://landrover.narod.ru/DEFENDER/TGVWorkshop_Manual.pdf may help? Richard
  3. Fab video, what drone were you using? Having done the NC500 on a bike it's definitely the way to do it as overtaking traffic is so much easier (when the motorhomes don't deliberately try to hold you up). Would quite happily go and do it again. Rich
  4. It’s similar but different! It will fit in a PCL XF (possibly the same as a “euro”?) fitting but doesn’t seal properly. Why it has to be similar but different I really don’t know
  5. Don't bin the electronic one, I had to pay about £75 for a new one when mine was playing up! Worth putting up for sale somewhere. Rich
  6. Also thanks for the kind offer Stephen but it was the female part I would have needed.
  7. Found the answer here: https://www.defender2.net/forum/topic57766.html?highlight=arb+air+fitting Should be any one of these: US "Industrial standard" ISO 6150 B Rectus series 23/24/1400 Tema series 1400 Legris series 23 Norgren Dynaquip D3 Hanson 3000 CEJN 310 US.MIL.C 4109 Norma / AFNOR: NF.E49.053 Parker Rectus Tema Series 23KA Aignep 220 Norgren series 237 Gromelle series 600 PCL ISO B12 However, as pointed out in that thread they tend to be really expensive so I've swapped the connector on the gauge to a PCL XF one. That matches everything else I
  8. Not sure I follow Mo....? Don’t really want to go chopping what I’ve got up as it all works fine separately, I just want an adaptor piece so I can use the gauge on both, I think...
  9. Thanks Gary but as we’re currently in lockdown again, I was hoping someone had found what I need online! It’s possibly an ARB 171402 for the female part and 171307 for the male one, but nowhere seems to have them available.
  10. Just bought one of these air gauges https://gwynlewis4x4.co.uk/product/arb-air-gauge-arb605/ to blow up my tyres, but have found it uses the ARB type fitting which isn’t compatible with the PCL XF ones I have in the garage. It fits nicely on the extension hose which fits the compressor on the car, but 90% of my use is in the garage and it’s a pain getting a different hose out and running the little ARB compressor for that. Having had a good look around, I’m stumped as to what connector ARB use and more importantly where I can buy one? I think I just need a bit of hose which goes from XF m
  11. Cheers James, will have to get an order in with Screwfix sometime
  12. Which lights did you go for in the end @Retroanaconda? Need to improve mine as a few of my fluorescent ones are on the blink
  13. Painting my bumper at the moment and starting to think that either Hammerite isn’t the right thing to use or I need to improve my technique! What’s the best way to get it to really stick well? What’s the best way to prepare the surface? Do I need to put primer on first? Not looking for spectacular finish, just something that doesn’t scratch off with the slightest touch. Also want to do the axles at some point so want to get this done properly.
  14. Glad it’s sorted. Mine is a TGV engine and it’s not clear whether they all had a hole in the flywheel - I’ve watched it go round so many times and whilst there are marks and holes, I’m pretty convinced that mine just doesn’t have them in the right place!
  15. I took the little plate off the back of mine and spent a lot of time trying to work out where the bolt goes in, but came to the conclusion mine doesn’t have whatever hole or Mark is meant to be in there. Looking with a mirror is worth a try as mine is far from standard!
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