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  1. darthdicky


    There's some lanes around that area, and some nice ones over Dartmoor way.
  2. darthdicky

    Starter working but not turning engine

    Check the earthing too, mine used to to do similar and I think it was cured by putting a new earth strap from the battery box to the chassis.
  3. darthdicky

    Deep water

    I'd be looking at how much it will cost in parts to fix what you have vs. putting a TDi in, either Defender or Discovery version. Rich
  4. darthdicky

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    I had an Eberspacher D2 in my 90 and it was plenty warm enough to defrost the vehicle in 10 mins and then even on its lowest setting it usually got to the point where I had to turn it off or open a window within a few miles as it got so warm - I can't imagine anyone needing a 5kw version unless it was a very drafty 110 heading for the arctic! Richard
  5. darthdicky

    Synthetic Rope

    Mine (JST's old Truck cab) has some reasonably used green Bowrope on it both ends and I've been impressed with it so far. When it wears out I'll probably go with the same again. Rich
  6. darthdicky

    Wobbly/non existent TD5 speedo

    Is there any way easy way to test the speedo head and sensor without swapping them for new/second hand items? My speedo started to go a bit wobbly, then intermittent and now doesn’t move at all. Have taken the connector off the sensor and cleaned that up with WD40, it then worked for a little bit and stopped again. The cog looks fine in the bit that goes into transfer box so I don’t want to start replacing bits until I’ve proven where the fault is. Any suggestions? Is there a diagnostic mode on the speedo or am I being too hopeful! Richard
  7. darthdicky

    LT230 breather banjo union

    I wish email notifications worked on here, I missed the last 2 posts! Thanks for your kind offers, I ended up finding a genuine (or in a genuine labelled bag...) complete pipe, olive, banjo bolt and washer kit on eBay for £16.99 delivered so I’ve just fitted that. If anyone has a good source of the olives then it may be one for the tech archive, as £30+ seems a bit steep for what is a very basic kit! Richard
  8. darthdicky

    LT230 breather banjo union

    Done some more googling and I think I'm after a banjo olive. Two words that I certainly wouldn't have thought to put together to explain what I'm looking for... Anyone know what size the breather one is or a good source for one? Richard
  9. darthdicky

    LT230 breather banjo union

    Cheers, I found that link and others but it seems very expensive for a bit of plastic pipe (which I have loads of) and the right fitting, yet I can't find that type of fitting anywhere! Might have to just buy the whole kit unless anyone else has managed to locate a source of the bits separately? Rich
  10. My breather has blocked up and the circular part snapped off when I undid the bolt so I need a new one. However, I can't seem to find the pieces separately other than buying a complete breather kit which seems a rather expensive way of doing it. Found the parts list here: https://www.landroverworkshop.com/diagrams/transfer-box/transfer-box-lt230/front-housing_53744#14 but it seems to be missing a key part - the circular part with the barbed end that the plastic tube connects to. Banjo bolt is easy to find, as are the washers and the tube I have is plenty long enough so I can cut a bit off and use that, but I can't find the "banjo" part anywhere. Any idea what part number it is or what it's called? Richard
  11. darthdicky

    90 TGV 2.8 Sump Plug Part Number

    Thanks Dave, useful to keep a note of that one!
  12. darthdicky

    90 TGV 2.8 Sump Plug Part Number

    Apparently it's a 1 1/8" which equates to about 28.5mm, so I'll be ordering one of those at some point. If you've got a list of part numbers and where to get bits from then it would be really useful. Need to get a spare drive belt at some point. Richard
  13. darthdicky

    90 TGV 2.8 Sump Plug Part Number

    Hi Dave, Possibly a silly question but what size socket does it take to get the sump plug out? Seems to be between 27 and 30mm? Is it a standard size plug, as I was thinking of getting one of these for it: http://www.drainplug.co.uk/standard.html but it looks like it's a different size to the 300TDi one? Are there any other good sources of parts other than M&D in the UK? Thanks, Richard
  14. darthdicky


    I know it was a while ago but can anyone remember what size spot weld cutter is needed for this? Looking at something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Laser-1780-Spot-Weld-Cutter/dp/B003AMQ3VK or this: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cht685-spot-weld-cutter-set/ Richard
  15. darthdicky

    Bellhousing differences

    Hi Neil, Sorry, should have circled the bit I mean first time around! There seems to be a gap to the left of the drain hole which I'm not sure is fully sealed? Hard to tell without pulling it apart but to me it looks like the right part would join the engine side completely, rather than having that gap there? Was thinking of trying Ashcrofts but if someone knows the right part number or even better, has a couple of the right ones laying around that would be fantastic! Richard

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