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ABS removal early classic


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Hi Folks,

My sister owns a later Rangie than mine ('94) with ABS. She lives in Florida where there is no MOT or equivalent and the ABS has gone and died. She's been quoted a stupid amount of money to fix/replace. So, as she doesn't need it for MOT purposes the thinking is to go ahead and remove it.

Can someone tell me what is involved in removing the system entirely and how easy it is to do? My Rangie was an '89 and didn't have it, so can't really help. I'm also nowhere near hers to see the differences!

If someone can give me a run down on what needs removed and the tasks that need done we'd very much appreciate it.

Cheers in advance,


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What has died on the ABS?

Is it ECU or valve block or pump? All of these can be had off Ebay for reasonable money.

If you are dead set on removing the ABS you will need to find a master cylinder and servo and all the other bits that you have in your braking system.

With a 2 tonne car I would make sure you are certain you know what you are doing if you go ahead.

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Hmmmm, thanks for replies guys.

Sounds like it may in fact be easier to just isolate the faulty part and find a replacement. Rangie parts on ebay aren't as common over there, but they do have RoversNorth a parts website.

Once she gets back to me with list of knackered bits I'll ask best solution.

Cheers again, much appreciated.


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Generally if your ABS fails, it should fail in the safest way which is all valves open. In effect this just makes the ABS unit a contorted set of brake pipes. Therefore braking is as if nothing there other than brake pipes.

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