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HELP. freelander 1.8 failed MOT emissions test.


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my freelander 1.8 petrol S reg, 50 anniversary model, has just failed MOT on emissions test, there saying there was to much oqygen i think comin from the exhaust. 3 months ago its just had a new engine fitted. theyve had it on a computer to see where the fault is but sayin, the computer aint pickin anything up. so they basically said there was nothing they could do, apart from change all the components that COULD be faulty. catalic converter, sensors and so on. which sounds abit strange. surely they must be able to pin point where the fault is. there sayin theres no way of findin out, apart from takin it to a proper landrover dealer, who would be able to pick up all the fault codes, can anyone help coz i just think there just tryin to rob me, or that s how it sounds to me, or could anyone tell me of a decent garage i could take it to for some simple answers. as i need it back on the road, but need the MOT to get my tax. many thanx

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I would have thought if there was too much oxygen they should give you a medal :D

If there are no fault codes showing it could be difficult to find... who fitted the engine? I would talk to them first...

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I had a krypton tuner check my car over, and he got a few fault codes over his examination. The emissions were the same (too much oxy) Even though he used the correct plug-in reader, he still could only say that it was either the catalytic converter or the lambda sensor. That's just over £200 for parts - rather expensive if you are replacing a perfectly good part.


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Trouble is many code readers will not pick up codes from Land Rover,Rover or MG cars - your Freelander needs to go to a specialist with the right kit,it sounds like a slight exhaust leak may be causing your problem as the emissions are taken from the tailpipe.A decent specialist can monitor live data from the oxygen sensor via the diagnostic computer or oscilliscope.From this info it is easy to work out where the fault lies.Where in the world are you ?

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hi all, i took it to deepdale service centre rob, whats the address of this bloke that you know? does he come recommended.

Very highly recomended he is was top dog up at LR Brock for years and all his mechanics are lr trained, he has all the diagnostic tools and there all upto date, I would nt take mine any where else he is on 235 Aquaduct street preston tel 01772 555634 there is also K motors in Layland but i just use them for parts

Ask for Noel (landrover specialists) And i will show my ar$E if he aint there tomorrow but he doesnt like mornings so leave it till 11.00 am

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Rob have u got the full address for the above garage on aqueduct street plz, do you know the name of the garage, many thanx

Landrover specialists

235 Aqueduct street, Preston PR1 7JL,

01772 555634

07956 011414

07860 552639

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